NewsTicker Top Stories – April 19th, 2018

This mobile robot has just 3D printed an entire house on a piazza in Milan
Is that the right terrorist? This new tech IDs faces in the dark
‘Suicidal’ Octopus Moms Gather at Hostile Undersea Rock to Lay Eggs That Die in Heat
Super-safe zinc battery tech could rival lithium ion in phones
Graphene – once a hot investment – could be next battery breakthrough
Rebel farmers create new food label
How this New App Helps Give you Net Neutrality
NH school voucher bill dealt blow by House subcommittee
This 10-in-1 survival kit is an essential addition to your outdoor gear
Marx birthplace cashes in on 0 euro notes for anniversary
Freedom is Winning in the Encryption Arms Race
Video: Cop Who Was Fired for Not Writing Enough Tickets Finally Speaks Out
Here’s what happens when you replace toads and turtles with 3D-printed replicas in the wild
Diamonds in Meteorite May Hail from Our Ancient Solar System
A ‘Yelp for Weed’ Startup Is Launching Its Own Ethereum Token
Invertebrates inspire next-gen warfare
Your next coworker soon may be an avatar humanoid robot
Sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide developed
Robot developed for automated assembly of designer nanomaterials
Individual impurity atoms detectable in graphene
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