NewsTicker Top Stories – April 20th, 2018

4 Ways to get a Second Passport and Foreign Citizenship in 23 Countries
Blockchain and VR lead a new conversation in tech
Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony
No address? Domino’s harnesses tech in pizza delivery breakthrough
Could a sex robot save your marriage? This Canadian professor thinks so
Cryptocurrency Regulation Back on G20 Agenda in Washington Meet Today
India’s cryptocurrency traders scramble after RBI crackdown
Disordering Cathodes Eliminates The Need For Cobalt In Lithium-Ion Batteries
New cancer monitoring technology worth its weight in gold
Scientists create new nanostructure with peptides
Mosquito-packed drones ready to join fight against Zika and other deadly diseases – UN agency
Volocopter’s ‘air taxi’ stations will handle 10000 passengers a day from 2028
China has threatened Australia with a trade war if ‘growing lack of trust’ continues
Spanish police arrest 7 in connection with Catalan secession
Russia to pitch first camp in Africa with military base in Somaliland
UPDATE 1-EU, IMF mull Greek debt relief; no talks on bailout extension
The Best Survival Tools, According to Preppers
Homeowner finds naked intruder in her tub, eating Cheetos
US ban on sales to ZTE triggers patriotic rhetoric in China


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