Pelosi Tweets Fake News About National Reciprocity Bill, Accusing it of Allowing Criminals to Get Guns

Have you heard the old saying that goes like this, “How do you know a politician is lying?  His lips are moving?”  Well, let’s make sure the his becomes a he and she, and let’s add tweets to the equation.  The person we’re talking about today is Nancy Pelosi, and yes, we are talking about a tweet.  First, here’s the tweet:

So, Nancy is tweeting fake news of epic proportions right there.  For all that talk of having to do something about social media allowing fake news to spread, why isn’t congress looking into this blatant dissemination of fake news by Nancy Pelosi?  Why isn’t the head of Twitter being hauled before congress for allowing this fake news to propagate on their site?  Why, I’d say Nancy’s tweet was far more disruptive to the democratic process than the Russians ever were.  She means to use lies to fear people into pressuring their congressmembers not to vote for National Reciprocity for Concealed Carriers.
The bill has a lot of problems with it, problems that for gun grabbers are not problems but opportunities to create more government loopholes that will allow it take more guns.  But one thing the bill DOESN’T do, is actually suddenly prevent ANYONE from getting guns that couldn’t get guns BEFORE the bill was introduced.  In other words, Nancy, it doesn’t change who can ‘legally’ get guns, it only allows LEGAL gun owners the privilege of carrying guns across state borders, without fear of being kidnapped at gun point and thrown into a cage for years.
But then, that’s what you want to happen, you know, for the kids, right?  Screw the kids of the parents who have been caught up in these anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-human state laws that you openly and militantly support.  Shame on you, liar, gun grabber, tyrant.


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