Why do police provide bad service?

This “mirrored” video is an excellent example of the fantastic footage made by my friend. Chris is a very talented and informed young man who is definitely worth following.


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  1. If you chose not to pay for the military, you'd still benefit from those who did chose to pay. After all, the Russians aren't going to just invade your house are they? So, even if you chose not to pay for nuclear subs and aircraft carriers, you would still benefit from them. I've heard the same argument from people not wanting to pay for schools. "Why should I have to pay for schools and teachers when I don't have any children." However, you still benefit from having an educated population because there is less crime and you benefit from educated people creating products and services. Further, if you chose not to pay taxes, there'd be no roads, no bridges, no schools, no EPA, no FDA, no firemen, no CDC, no NASA which would mean no MRIs, no internet, no LEDs, solar energy, and on and on and on.

    Taxes aren't perfect but you need them and your life would suck without them.

  2. that based on a logical fallacy how we stop using the services of government programs we don't want is with are vote we get the government we are willing to except which is why we have the right to bare arms

  3. Somewhat illogical there. Democratic Socialism is not a bad thing, it covers healthcare, social security, the military and you do pay tax regardless. Now the problem with the police is NOT that your taxes pay them…the problem is that you have too many police departments and sheriff's departments. Not to mention state troopers. If you had ONE force per state, with every officer recieving the same training WITH more transparency and none of this qualified immunity, then you might get somewhere. Training, the right people heading up the force, and no qualified immunity…means any cop who is sued…and loses..loses his home.

  4. I wish just once, all the people who want government services eliminated, would realize there was already a time in american history when all these services were "private" and it was horrible for the poor, because the poor couldn't afford to pay the costs to have private people fight fires, build roads, or protect them from criminals… the poor suffered, the wealthy prospered, and they took advantage of the poor, because they could afford to hire more guns and force others to act how they wanted… and people really want to return back to this? where the wealthy simply bought up all the hired guns and were worse than police?

    why does nobody who presents this argument, ever defend the time in american history when this was what we had… anyone want to take the challenge and argue against me, or does nobody think I am right that we already tried this and it failed? I mean grab a history book, people were outside the mayors home demanding they take over, before homes were burning down because people didn't have the money to pay the firefighter who showed up, they didn't have the money to hire someone to take care of a criminal, in fact they didn't have the money to hire more guns than the guy who hired more guns to extort them…
    are people just this oblivious or willfully ignorant of what reality would look like if they got their wish, it wouldn't be better…

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