Politics Ticker – April 18th, 2018


Gun Watch
SAF Sues Illinois Agency Over Day Care Operators’ Gun Rights
Pro-gun crowd takes over Delaware gun-control debate
NJ lawmakers advance 7 bills including ban on parts for ‘ghost guns’
Legislative Watch
Pennsylvania House Passes Bill Banning Abortions For Down Syndrome
Bill to Protect Special Counsel Mueller Is Headed for a Committee Vote
After Facebook hearing, senators roll out new bill restraining online data use
Turkey’s Ruling Party to Discuss Call for Early Election
Judicial Watch
Federal judge: Trump admin must inform illegal immigrants of ‘right’ to abortion
Supreme Court dismisses warrant case against Microsoft after CLOUD Act renders it moot
Supreme Court dismisses major privacy rights case
US Supreme Court restricts deportations of immigrant felons
Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal by rapist against 19 year sentence
Hot Topics Watch
California’s monster net neutrality bill just survived its dicey first hearing
The man who may be asked to fire Robert Mueller has been arguing that the president has broad firing powers
Brazil Cries `Trade War,’ Says EU May Ban Some of Its Chicken
‘First Shots’ Fired in Potential Trade War, Says IMF’s Maurice Obstfeld


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