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Public Schools to Create Patriotic World Citizens

Two days into the start of my daughter’s 7th grade school year, she brought home a document that triggered a bit of an apoplectic, expletive-laden meltdown for me, and it was all centered around one word, Patriotism. The document was a form the school wanted me to sign acknowledging my receipt of something called the “Framework for Citizenship- The Student Code of Conduct.”
This document, to me, read like a badly written Sci Fi novel, only the Fi was missing, as in, this was a non-fiction declaration.
Here is the document reprinted:
The (Unnamed) Area School District, in partnership with the family and the community, strives to promote good citizens and community-minded students.  The Student Code of Conduct is a document to assist in that endeavor,

Our Framework for Citizenship seeks to build a safe, caring and respectful learning community based upon four components:

Universal Values: Courage, empathy, friendship, honesty, integrity, kindness, loyalty, patience, patriotism, persistence, respect of others and self, responsibility, self-discipline, tolerance, trust, work ethic.
Excellence: Internal push and desire to make a positive contribution to the community and society.
Global Understanding: To develop- respect and appreciation for all people and beliefs, valuing the various cultures, races, and individual characteristics of our schools.
Community Service: To become actively involved in activism that improves our community.
These four guiding principles promote the education of the whole child; our goal is to support and teach these four components through your child’s education the (Unnamed) Area School District.

We ask that parents/guardians review the Code of Conduct, especially the information that speaks to Our Framework for Citizenship.  All members of our community should be aware of those behaviors that are contrary to good student behavior and could lead to consequences as related to the Code of Conduct.

Your signature and your child’s signature below indicate that you have been given a copy of the Student Code of Conduct for your review.
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