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John is “The World’s Most Courageous Teacher.,” according to Oxford Scholars Press, publisher of the forthcoming book,
The Underground History of American Education.

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He is the former State Teacher of the Year (New York, 1991)

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John Gatto is the former NY City and NY State Teacher of the year, where he inspired his students to achieve some amazing results through his nontraditional methods of instruction.

He taught 8th grade for 30 years in New York and has the stories to prove it. 😀

Great clip.

Thanks to the leaders who share this for your courage!!


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Get John’s newest article,
“Advice from Harvard: 10 Skills for Success in the Global Economy” at https://www.JohnTaylorGatto.com

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John’s newest book release is in Summer, 2015:

“The Underground History of American Education”

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  1. JTG to Vermont independent building contractor:
    "You say that you could set the school building up to code in all respects for barely 25% of what the state of Vermont paid for the new school building? Why didn't you submit a bid for the job?

    Independent building contractor: "I couldn't! I would never work in Vermont again if I tried to. "

    That says everything, doesn't it? One hardly knows whether to laugh or cry.

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