Reddit User Teaches A.I To Create Fake Celebrity “Erotic Videos”

I have been tracking the developments of Artificial Intelligence on this site for some time now, and the paths this coverage has led me down have been varied and surprising.  Well, they might all have to take a backseat to surprising when it comes to today’s iLulz, which features A.I. in a surprising way that, perhaps, no one saw coming.  I know I did NOT see this coming.

Reddit users have decided that the 4chan folks are just taking way too much credit being all super trolly and stuff, so something must be done.  We redditers are trolls too!  Well, their latest collaborative efforts are going to give the 4chan gang a run for their money as the battle of the (literally) basement dwellers heats up.

It seems while the rest of the world is exploring all the magical ways A.I may enhance our lives, or (and I mean this in a ‘that’s scary but still cool’ way) how A.I can be used to help robots take over the universe, redditers gathered in their virtual shared basement of their virtual shared parents’ house and came up with a ‘novel’ us of A.I.

Why not use A.I to create fake videos?  Ok, we’re with you, we got you.  Like fake silly vines?  Nope, better (by their assessment, not necessarily mine, or yours).  Let’s create fake porn! What?!  Fake porn?  That’s ridiculous.  There’s a lot of real porn out there so…..

Ok, ok, not just fake porn, but fake porn of…wait for it…celebrities.

It all began with reddit user “deepfakes,” which is an incredibly appropriate name for what the user did, and what the user started.

So what “deepfakes did was use a face swap algorithm, one the user created himself.  I’ll let The Next Web describe how he pulled off this bid to out-troll the 4channers and reclaim troll hegemony for redditers.

After training the algorithm — mostly with YouTube clips and results from Google Images — the AI goes to work arranging the pieces on the fly to create a convincing video with the preferred likeness. That could be a celebrity, co-worker, or some random person you found on Instagram. Since the algorithm is mostly an amalgamation of widely-available parts like TensorFlow and Keras, it doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure out how to glue together the pieces.

AI researcher Alex Champandard told Motherboard that any decent consumer-grade graphics card could produce these effects in hours. For the cash-strapped, a CPU would work, but it’ll take a few days.

Even more worrying is that aside from the relatively small technical hurdles, all the algorithm needs to create convincing fakes is enough source material — which shouldn’t be a problem considering the average millennial will snap 25,000 selfies over the course of their lifetime.

Read more at The Next Web

So there you have it, A.I-created fake celebrity porn is now a thing.  This also means that A.I-created fake holy crap that’s you that’s now in a porn video is also a thing.  Just be sure if you tick someone off, they’re not savvy with the face swapping A.I.

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