SAFE Act Failed to Prevent Bronx Hospital Shooting

Put this in the category of “Gun Laws don’t prevent Gun Violence.”
The recent shooting at a Brooklyn Hospital, it turns out, was carried out by a firearm that was compliant with current draconian NY gun laws covered under the so-called SAFE Act (which only serves to make it safer for criminals to do crimes).


Before a troubled former employee went on a rampage last week in New York City’s Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, killing a doctor and wounding six others, he purchased his weapon at a Schenectady gun store.

And while the AM-15 rifle that Dr. Henry Bello used looks a lot like the type of assault-style rifles that have been banned in New York since 2013, it was perfectly legal.
Indeed, Bello’s AM-15 was among a burgeoning category of rifles sold in New York that are considered compliant with the state’s SAFE Act gun control law.

Such guns look like the classic AR-15 assault-style weapons but they meet the requirements of the SAFE Act because the military features have been removed.

They are essentially a modern Army rifle but without a pistol grip, flash suppressor or other features that are illegal under the SAFE Act.

Bello entered the hospital, killed one woman, Dr. Tracy Sin-Yee Tam, and wounded six others before fatally shooting himself. He had resigned from the facility in 2015 amid sexual harassment charges.

The ease with which Bello purchased the weapon underscores what some contend is the futility of the SAFE Act.

Bronx hospital rampage gun was ‘SAFE Act compliant’

I had a story over the weekend about the weapon used in June 30th’s rampage by a troubled, disgruntled former employee who killed a doctor and wounded six before shooting himself in a Bronx h…

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