Saudi Prince Calls TurkReich, Iran, and Islamists the “New Axis of Evil”

It appears the Saudi prince has recognized what the US is either failing to recognize or refusing to acknowledge.  The Saudi prince has come out recently and declared that the TurkReich, Iran, and ‘radical religious groups’ in Syria have formed the new axis of evil.

I can agree with the current figurehead of the House of Saud on one thing, and that is that the TurkReich is ‘evil.’  The more the West coddles this neo-Nazi state, the more blood will be shed by Erdogan and his band of Islamo-Nazis.

From Newsweek

Saudi Arabia Calls Iran, Turkey and Islamic Militants the ‘New Axis of Evil,’ Egypt Reports

Mohammed bin Salman said that Turkey, Iran and radical religious groups formed a “triangle of evil,” according to Al-Ahram. Other outlets, such as Al-Shorouk also used the term “axis of evil,” evoking former George W. Bush’s infamous 2002 speech that led up to the war in Iraq, which—along with Iran and North Korea—were chosen as the top U.S. enemies.

“The Ottomans, Iran and the terrorists are the trinity of evil,” Al Jazeera reported the prince as saying, referring to the Turk-dominated Ottoman Empire that existed for over 500 years and spanned parts of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East before collapsing shortly after World War I in 1922.

“It is Turkey’s [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan who wants to impose the caliphate system. Iran is using the Muslim Brotherhood to export revolution and the terrorism we are fighting,” the prince continued.

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