Jersey Gun Control Law Cripples Smart Gun Tech, and State Media Doesn’t Like It

Dissecting State Media’s Gov Speak in a Story about New Jersey’s Smart Gun Tech Law

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In news that I am HAPPY to report, but the state-run media is NOT so happy to report, apparently the smart gun law passed in 2002 in New Jersey is having a chilling effect on any gun manufacturer developing so-called Smart Gun Technology.

This technology would render a gun useless, allegedly, if the person trying to fire the gun did not have the same fingerprints as the one who owns the gun.  The law passed in 2002 would make it mandatory for all guns sold in New Jersey to have Smart gun technology if it was developed.

Gun Owners don’t actually like Smart Gun tech for a number of reasons, one of which is that so many things can go wrong with electronics, things you don’t want to go wrong when you are trying to use your gun to defend yourself from an attacker.  Smart Gun tech would also, most likely, be hackable.  Who’s to say your own government might one day use technology that would jam the signals needed to allow your gun to fire?

I want to take you through and de-gov the pro gov report made by NBC Philadelphia

Here’s what they said:

The current unwritten rule banning the sale of smart guns by American dealers has its roots in a North Jersey lawmaker’s intention 15 years ago to actually promote their use in the Garden State, which already has some of the strictest firearms sales restrictions.

Here’s what I say:

That’s a big BS.  If you really wanted guns to be used in you state, all you have to do is end the anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-human laws in your state.  This law was always about creating a scenario that would force people to buy electronically-controlled guns that the government could control and, possibly, even monitor.

Here’s what they said:

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, sponsored legislation in 2002 that would require guns purchased in New Jersey to use smart technology if any gun dealer in the United States began selling them.

The law’s effect, however, had a chilling effect on smart gun sales because the gun lobby saw the New Jersey law as a restriction on gun owners in the state.

Here’s what I say:

The law had a wonderful unintended consequence of discouraging, strongly, any gun manufacturer from developing this technology, as it should have.  Gun owners understand two things about Smart gun tech, one is that it adds another level of unreliability to a tool that you don’t want to be unreliable (because it could cost you your life) and two, it’s a technology the government can easily manipulate to exercise gun control and gun monitoring.

Here’s what they said:

That’s what led to a backlash against Raymond when he considered offering smart guns.

“The gun world is a religion. It’s a faith,” he said. “And you have serious adherence to the faith, people who would do anything to protect the faith and expand the faith.”

He initially believed safer guns, those that only their owners could fire, would get more people interested in gun ownership.

Raymond was wrong.

Here’s what I say:

Raymond is a lying piece of gun-grabbing crap and the state media operative that wrote this anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-human article knows it.  He was trying to do possibly one, possibly both of these two things, cash in on a state law that would guarantee he had customers, and enable the state to more easily control gun ownership.

Raymond wants to act like he’s shocked, indignant even, that the gun world would recognize the anti-gun position he was taking.  They’re not adhering to a faith, they’re fighting back against Raymond’s attempt to cash in on and help enable the controlling of people’s abilities to defend themselves.

Here’s what they said:

“I thought we could get anti-gun people or people who are fence sitting actually into guns,” he said. “That was my intention.”

Here’s what I say:

More anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-human garbage from a man who feels comfortable openly lying to an audience because he knows he has the special care and protection of the state run media, NBC Philadelphia.

Here’s what they said:

For now, smart guns are stuck in a paradoxical limbo. The Democrat-controlled New Jersey legislature repealed the law in 2014 only to have Republican Gov. Chris Christie veto it. His justification at the time was that the repeal would somehow restrict the sale of smart guns, and he couldn’t support restrictions of any kind.

Here’s what I say:

I’m not a fan of Chris Christie for a number of reasons, but yeah, you did good here Chris, real good.  NBC Philadelphia has a clear case of butthurt because Christie outmaneuvered them.  You idiots created a bill that you thought would get you closer to your dream of disarming everyone but your government gods.  The law backfired, literally and figuratively.

Now, you have pretty much killed smart gun tech development and that’s a good thing.  Chris Christie recognized this and he made the right move, said the right things and kept this law alive to help assure, at least for now, that smart gun tech, which should really just be called gov gun tech, is dead on arrival.

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