Snowflake Professor Dons Body Armor, Helmet in Fear of Conceal Carriers on Campus

The precious snowflakes that have been indoctrinated to hate and fear guns showed their true nature recently in a small Texas Community College, San Antonio College.  The display of utter snowflakery was demonstrated by College Professor Charles K. Smith.  His display of gun hate and gun fear came in the aftermath of a recent court ruling that allowed the lifting of restrictions against conceal carry on college campuses to go through.  The college professor decided that he was no longer in a safe place because, gasp, grown adults would be allowed to carry guns on campus.

Now this is the type of guy that just doesn’t complain about something, he goes out and does something about it.  The actions were first brought to the attention of an audience beyond his classroom when one student rated him a 1 out of 4 on because he believed the professor was a “Horrible individual. He apparently feels so unsafe around his students that he feels the need to wear bullet proof garb to protect him from the new campus carry laws. Dont (sic) take him if you respect your rights as an American. Cuz he obviously doesnt (sic).”

The comment was picked up, along with a picture of the nutty professor on Hot Mustard:

As of the writing of this article, the post has 190 reacts, 441 comments and over 1,000 shares.

Now, this professor is pretty much telling his students he has little to no trust in them.  He is telegraphing to them that he believes they are all potential killers.

The professor told the media, “I realize students were carrying guns on campus illegally, but now it’s legal to do so.  It increases the chances of something happening.”

Of course, the professor is ignoring the fact that criminals and wanna-be mass shooters tend to not want to commit crimes or execute mass shootings in places where they think people will be who also shoot back.  But more than that, in this statement, the professor is saying that he trusts people who break the ‘law’ over people who don’t.  That’s smart.  And that’s why HE is the tenured professor and we’re not.

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