Spike in “Adult” Online Video Views After Hawaii’s Fake Missile Alert

When you are confronted with a near-death experience, what are you gonna do right afterwards?  Well, if you’re Hawaiian, there’s a good chance you’re going to go to your favorite site for a little “adult” online video entertainment, at least that’s what the numbers released by Pornhub seem to indicate, which saw a dip in views during the fake missile alert (they dropped 77 percent from their normal Saturday Hawaii traffic) and a peak in their Saturday views from Hawaii shortly afterward.  The peak was 48 percent, a significant peak in viewership.
There are a couple questions from all of this;
1.  Who were the Hawaiians that continued to peruse the “adult” online videos DURING the fake missile alert?
I mean, really, unless they absolutely knew the alert was a fake, or unless they somehow never saw it, who would keep looking through porn videos while their potential doom was immanent?
2.  Who, when going through what amounts to a near-death experience, thinks to themselves, “well, I guess I’m not gonna die, I guess I’m gonna go watch porn now?”
Hawaiians, that’s messed up man, that’s seriously messed up.

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