State-Level Net Neutrality Rather Than Ending State-Protected ISP Monopolies

States Are Introducing Their Own Net Neutrality Protections

States are introducing their own net neutrality protections — and possibly going up against the Federal Communications Commission in the process.

On Friday, a Nebraska state senator introduced legislation to enshrine net neutrality rules at the state level. The Hill notes Nebraska is the first red state to introduce such legislation, but it’s not clear how likely the bill is to pass.

Other states considering net neutrality protections through legislation include California, Washington, New York and Massachusetts. And states like Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Connecticut have each signaled interest to fight the FCC’s action in court.

The FCC, wanting to block state legislation efforts, has argued broadband is an interstate information service. That means states and local governments can’t undermine the federal policy.

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Editor’s note:  Rather than ending the regulations at state and local levels that create the monopolies that make net neutrality ‘possible,’ these states are choosing instead to further empower themselves under the guise of checking regulations that they themselves can easily undo, as easily as they are passing their own state versions of net neutrality.  This should reveal to you the true nature of the regulations in the first place, to keep the state in control of the means of communication.

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