Stefan Molyneux Talks About Facts Being More Important than “Feelz”


Question: “I was very disappointed to hear your hard stance on illegal immigrants, generalizing them as dishonest moochers on tax-payers dollars who shouldn’t be given sanctuary or the chance to naturalize, work, receive an education or benefit from government assistance. Most illegal immigrants are from impoverished, war-torn, dangerous countries simply seeking better lives for their families but are rejected because they lack the education or the financial means. Immigrants – legal or otherwise – contribute greatly to the economies of countries receiving them, working the fields and farm lands locals refuse to work, understanding the value of education and social services in ways many first world locals do not. If, hypothetically, Canada became war torn, dangerous and access to essential resources were difficult, Stefan wouldn’t you do everything necessary to get your wife and daughter to a country of safety even if that meant illegal means if other options weren’t available?”

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  1. This was such a ramble I couldn't listen very long. Roxanne was arguing to save all the people, but not offering anything in the way of a solid argument for either Why should we? or How logistically could we?

  2. "uhhhh… well… and… maybe…" I couldn't stop cringing throughout the entire discussion. She is compelled by personal feelings and disregards any facts or numbers that Stefan provides. She has no solid stance on anything, everything is based on compassion for people and situations she knows nothing about.

  3. The caller is ignorant of the purpose and nature of immigration in the US. The US has had massive specifically non-White mostly unskilled and uneducated LEGEL immigration since the anti-White immigration law of 1965 was passed. Annual Legal immigrants number over a million annually and have been so for the last thirty years and were progressively high prior to thatstarting the upward spiral circa 1970. Illegal immigrants are currently at least 30 million in the last 30 years as well per Ann Coulter which she discovered in doing the research for her book "ADIOS AMERICA" and that, per Ms Coulter is a conservative estimate for Illegal immigrants numbers in the last 30 years and the info was difficult to obtain as the US government intentionally hides and obscures accurate numbers per former attorney and author Coulter. The purpose of all this non-White immigration is to create a Multicultural Society in America consisting of many varied ethnic/cultural groups and subgroups with NO MAJORITY; only minorities. In 1970 the White people percent of the population was still 90% but the US Census Bureau has been tracking the progress of White Americans from 90% to being  irreversibly  a minority in America and we may be very close to that. [Ms Coulter said the refugee meme for immigration is a fraud, by the way. ] In 2008 the US Census Bureau [USCB] announced that White people will be irreversibly a minority no later than 2043 and attributed this to the pattern of White vs. non_White birth rates and barely mentioned immigration although Legal non-White immigrants were a million annually in 2008 and probably more than that currently plus as many Illegals. It is the Hebrew Bible BABEL Story as template for a new America being built around us.

  4. Omg this Jamaican woman is beyond stupid. She says she's educated by if she is what kind of education did she get… what does she think America would be like if all those people came.. worse than the worst other country in the world.

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