Stinky Bombs Work Everywhere, But In India

Israeli forces have long used a non-lethal method of disbursing crowds called ‘stinky bombs.’  Now, when we say these things stink, we can’t emphasize enough how stinky they are.  The bombs themselves smell like death, literally, hot human death, mixed with hot sewage.  So, imagine if you will what you THINK hot human death, decomposing hot human death and hot poopy and uriny sewage smells like.  Now, imagine that these stink bombs will make you smell like that for a few days, even if you bath in tomato juice (I think that’s what they use to get skunk stink off of people).

That…would be a pretty incredibly effective  non-lethal weapon, no?  If you point something like that at me, I might just be willing to give you my car, maybe even part with my bacon (ok, no, you ain’t getting my bacon so FIGHT ME!).    I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how powerfully stinky this is, because it will make the next part of this story all the more incredible.

It seems that Indian Security forces, having tried non-lethal crowd disbursal tools such as chili grenades, stun grenade, rub bullets, skin irritants, etc, to no avail, saw this stink bomb in action and thought, hey, we might have our winner.

The stink bomb was deployed to 60,000 Indian troops stationed in hotly contested Kashmir, and within a short period of time (with Kashmir being Kashmir) they were able to test the stink bombs.  Folks, I don’t know WHAT is going ion India but I am here to tell you that this nasty, hot human death smelling, hot sewage reeking cling-to-you-for-days Stink bomb had….no effect.  It didn’t work.  It didn’t disburse any crowds…at all.  Take that in folks, and ask yourselves, WHAT IS GOING ON IN INDIA?!

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