The Szechuan Sauce Car

Girls Gets Rick and Morty Inspired Szechuan Sauce, Girl Gets Car as a Result

What you do when you’re a major fast food franchise and you’re kinda sagging is you make promises to capitalize off of a mention you get in an instant cult classic show and then fail to deliver on that promise.

That’s what McDonald’s did when it promised its customers that it would provide for them a healthy supply of the coveted Szechuan Sauce mentioned in the April Fool’s episode of Rick and Morty, the first episode of the long-awaited Season Three of the Comedy Central series with a sizeable, cult-like following (yes, I count myself among the R&M cultists).

Well, thanks to the paucity of Szechuan Sauce packets, in addition to their being a lot of torqued Rick and Morty fans that may have dreamt of going all Pickle Rick on them, what turned out to be one person’s loss, or maybe thousands of persons’ losses, turned into a great deal for Rachal Marie of Macomb Michigan.

The young Rick and Morty fan did her best to snag a packet of the sacred Szechuan, meeting a line that went on for miles and miles (ok, maybe not miles, but it was a super long line).  She managed to get one of only 20 packets her local McDonald’s had available.  Good on her!

And, well, if this weren’t an iLulz, you might think that’s where the story ends.  But wait!  There’s more!

Like I said, what was a loss for thousands, would be a windfall for one, and that one would turn out to be Marie of Macomb (not her official title, but I like the sound of it).  As I said, she was one of the lucky few to snag a packet of the sacred Szechuan.  That means there hundreds of others who were left holding an empty bag, or maybe just a head filled with empty wishes.

So Marie of Macomb, showing off her treasure, posted it to a Facebook group, Pin Nation.  As you can imagine, it’s where people trade pins.  If you didn’t guess that, shame on you!  One of the offers that came in through that post was a man who was willing to trade in a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 for the sacred Szechuan.

Well, let me say as a TRUE Rick and Morty fan, that her reaction was extremely DISAPPOINTING!  Ok, it wasn’t, but I thought I needed to insert some drama right here.

Of course she accepted the offer, er, duh!  The man drove his car to Marie of Macomb’s house and the exchange was made.  His thoughtful explanation of why he made such an outlandish trade was, well, succinct.  He said he “just needed me some friggin sauce!!”  I understand Golf man, I understand.

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