Taking Back Language From The Left

Words are magic.

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  1. Climate change denier/ climate change sceptic Russia trump collusion/ Trump Russia conspiracy theory. universeal health care/ state controled health service. federal aid and welfare/ tax payer aid. Taxation = theft Cnn= IsisĀ Great work at this rate America will soon be great again!!!!!

  2. I'm only a few minutes into your video, so I don't know if you'll bring this one up or not. From the time I've heard this word that was made up out of thin air by the SJW's, I've hated it beyond measure. The term "Cis" as in cis gender needs to be replaced by something much less gay sounding and expunged from history. I think we should all refuse to use it or even read it. We need to replace it with something like normal gender or correct gender.

  3. You could also refer to Democrats as "terrorist sympathizers." That term will hit a nerve with older Dems and cucked right wingers, it was heavily in fashion throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 00s.

    Stay steady on the narrative of anti-white… Islamophobia? anti-white. Racist? anti-white. White-privilege? anti-white. Segregation? anti-white. Beat them with the same drum beat that they've used for decades before you were even born.

  4. This is a great topic to talk about and I think there's a lot to do with crafting narratives in our favor. A big part of this is consensus (so we should always fight D&C). We need to try our best to agree on memes, be consistent, and go with whatever meme is working.

    I don't think ISA would work for AntiFa though – don't you think their name is good? If they're the Anti-Fascists, what are Fascists? If PewDiePie is Hitler then what is wrong with being Hitler? :^)

    On another note, I'd recomend matte white paint for the wall (less glossy) and less harsh lighting, maybe point it to the ceiling. 3000K-4000K (warm white) LED lights are pretty awesome too, and are cheap.

  5. the most deciding factor of any battle is the territory in which it's held. this is why you must define your terms and choose not to concede the field to your opponent. if words are weapons we need to be trained in their use.

  6. I've been doing this for a while now. Also after listening to Scott Adams on persuasion and understanding Peterson and the metaphysical importance of the logos/ the word. Spoken truth. Call things what they are.
    Correct anyone on the right on their terminology and quickly explain it. A million times more effective than trying to convince a leftist of your position.
    And look at what Trump did with his branding. He even opened the overtone window to include 'globalism'. From fringe conspiracy theory to mainstream. Just by using a word. As with 'deep state'.
    I would stick with globalist instead of cabal. The former is more widely known, the latter opens itsself up to the counter of 'anti-semitism'.

    I like the term 'fake American' for certain leftists. It forces them to move. Leftists fear being ostracised more than anything, so do just that with language. They will understand they are outside of the accepted norm. This means they will have to fight or rejoin the value system.
    And call them 'bullies'. It chips away at their virtue signaling identity. The bully is the bad guy.
    The left functions on emotions, largely of fear and hatered, on ingroup vs outgroup identity and on power through bullying and violence.
    That is their language and it is the only language they understand.
    Reason and logic is lost on them. In fact in their underlying post modernist ideology they do not even believ in logic. It is another form of oppression to them.
    Arguments from morality is also lost on them. They believe everything is fair game as long as it serves them, since in their mind they are good and we are evil.

    So go for emotional arguments, ostracizing and power. Stand up to the bullies. Where Antifa or other mobs convene face them. Do not give them one inch. Do not concede a point. Do not appologise. Do not be defensive.
    Be on the offense at all times.

  7. I love the suggestion of "feticide." Very good.

    Here's a couple I thought of:

    cisgender -> normal
    (leftist) protestor -> thug
    feminism -> gynarchy
    transwoman -> eunuch
    conspiracy theory -> investigation
    judeo-christian -> christian (or western)
    affirmative action -> racial quota
    black lives matter -> the black klan

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