Tech & Science NewsTicker – April 24th, 2018

Top Stories

AI is discovering new alloys faster than humans ever could
Someone transferred $99 million in litecoin — and it only cost them $0.40 in fees
He trained a pug to do a Nazi salute for a YouTube video. Now, he’s been fined for a hate crime.
US Builds Drone Base in Niger, Crossroads of Extremism Fight
Trade War Looming, 3D Printing Startup Formlabs Ups China Investment
CIA’s Next Super Spy Could be Artificial Intelligence
China Says It Has ‘Safely’ Shuttered ICOs, Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Netherlands Gaming Authority cracks down on loot boxes in some games
How Gene Editing Could Save Coral Reefs
CRISPR used to edit DNA outside of the cell
All About Amazon’s New Blockchain Service
Most Americans think tech giants should be regulated like banks but doubt the government can get it done, survey finds
Apple Is Now Completely Powered By Clean Energy – | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather
Did last ice age affect breastfeeding in Native Americans?
AI will be used by humanitarian organisations – this could deepen neocolonial tendencies
Google AR microscope uses machine learning to quickly spot cancer cells
The bank with no humans: the branch has VR, robots and face scanning
Pornhub needs to accept real and top cryptos, says Litecoin creator
Monero Executes Hard Fork for Blocking the Big Miners
Glowforge Launches the 3D Laser Printer That Made Crowdfunding History
Researchers have evidence that might explain the unexpected presence of energetic electrons in Mercury’s magnetic tail
Individual impurity atoms detectable in graphene
Microsoft wants to stuff Linux, not Windows 10, into Internet of Things devices
Designing the Ultimate Disaster-Proof Internet of Things
Despite India’ Crypto Crackdown, Users Can Buy Bitcoin on P2P Exchanges Like Paxful
Drone technology is now dangerous enough to kill for

Manufacturing Watch

Ultimaker launches largest professional desktop 3D printer to date
Siemens launches network to accelerate 3D printing in global manufacturing
MakerGear unveils upgraded M3 3D printer and cloud software at RAPID + TCT
Siemens Uses Nature, Generative Design and 3D Printing to Create Improved Components

Tech and Science Watch

European Commission opens ‘in-depth’ investigation into Apple’s acquisition of Shazam
Colorful spiral galaxies collide in new Hubble video
New Bipartisan Legislation Would Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs
How the US is falling behind China in this high-tech arms race
13 Cool Things People Have Built With The Nintendo Labo
After “terrific” launch, TESS nears first major orbit-raising burn
This Big Tech Company Is the Most Trusted, According to New Survey
Today Will Not Be Earth’s Last Day, Says Even Nibiru Doomsayer
CRISPR Technology Could Revolutionize Animal Transgenics
Google Files Go App Gets Support for Odia Language
Amazon is reportedly working on its first home robot
Viewpoint: CRISPR technology poses genuine risks, but that doesn’t justify crushing regulations
Scientists Can Now Bend And Stretch Diamond Like Rubber
Baidu-owned ‘Netflix of China’ just announced a 4K VR headset with 8K support
This Twisted Squid Is Unlike Any We’ve Seen Before, And Scientists Are Excited
Gene linked to fatal outcomes in P. aeruginosa BSI may be used as marker, target

Blockchain Watch

Energy Web Foundation Has a Fix for Blockchain’s Biggest Problem
Walmart files patents for expanded blockchain use
Brazil sees launch of cryptocurrency and blockchain association
Binance to create employment opportunities for Uganda’s youth in blockchain
Blockchain could be ‘pivotal’ to Memphis
KoreConX Platform Will Add Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Tech Soon
Here Comes The Latest ETF For China Blockchain Fans
Having An Advisory Board In The Blockchain/Crypto Space Could Separate You From The Hype
Binance Founder, CZ meets up with Taiwan’s legislator to discuss regulations
Blockchain-based solar start-up intros digital token

AI and Robot Watch

Westworld producers warn AI creators: ‘Stop’
Scientists plan huge European AI hub to compete with US
Mark Zuckerberg says AI cannot stop online abuse yet, but experts beg to differ
Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage
Glitch Capitalism: How Cheating AIs Explain Our Glitchy Society
Cisco converges Spark and Webex; enhances new platform with machine learning
AI beats astronomers at predicting survivability of ‘Tatooines’
How Data Scientists Are Helping Retailers Predict Purchases and Returns
AI: A data scientist explains how deep and shallow learning can work together to create cost savings
AI Is A Death Knell For Many Traditional IT Vendors
Artificial intelligence will wipe out half the banking jobs in a decade, experts say

Cryptocurrency Watch

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
Iran’s Central Bank Imposes Ban on Cryptocurrency Transactions
PayPal’s Ever Increasing Fees Will Push Users to Cryptocurrency
Goldman Sachs just made its first crypto hire to explore a potential bitcoin trading desk
How The Tiny Nation Of Georgia Became A Bitcoin Behemoth
Locked Out of Coinbase: Why Are Wyoming’s Bitcoin Users Still Waiting?
Former Regulator For Obama Says More Scrutiny Of Ether, Ripple Coming
New Zealand Inland Revenue Department warns on Cryptocurrency Taxes
Mining Monero More Profitable Right After Anti-Asic Hard Fork
British finance guru sues Facebook for scammy cryptocurrency ads
Is the altcoin rally bringing cryptos out of the 2018 bear market?
Taiwan Aims to Enforce Cryptocurrency Regulations by November
How Malta Became a Hub of the Cryptocurrency World
India’s central bank has been taken to court over its cryptocurrency crackdown
Alternatives for bitcoin mining
Estonia pushes ahead in race to issue first state-backed cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Payments Are on the Rise in the Baltics
How Far Will Crypto’s War On Miners Go?

Electronics Watch

The Emerging Trend of Upcycling Old Electronics into Bitcoin Mining Rigs
Hong Kong startup Peacify launches smart socks for newborns
EOS Introduces New P-810 3D Printer and New Material at RAPID + TCT
nScrypt Demonstrates Ability to 3D Print Embedded Sensors for Medical Devices
Researchers Put Electron in New Controlled State

Nanotech Watch

Nanomedicine: the next breakthrough in oncology?
Making Drugs ‘Smarter’ Using Nanotechnology

Web Networking Watch

China Unicom, Huawei partner on 5G network slicing
Alibaba buys Chinese chipmaker to aid IoT biz, help drive local chip sector
Following US woes, Huawei gets green light for 5G stations in Europe
There’s More To “Full” 5G Than You Think
What is 5G Connectivity? Here Is Everything You Want to Know About the Next Wireless Networking Standard
FogHorn and BearingPoint Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Deployment of Industrial Internet of Things …
Cambridge joins collaborative project to strengthen the Internet of Things

Peer to Peer Watch

Blackbaud Debuts New Philanthropic Index Featuring Comparative Fundraising Data Across US Health Systems
Classy Unveils Expansive Events Product to Drive Nonprofit Fundraising Success
P2P Will Keep Expanding, Says Visa, But Cash is Still A Concern
Creating Passion for Supporting Future Farmers
How to Fight Fraud with Machine Learning?
Cutting out the Middle Man with the P2P Sharing Economy

Social Media Watch

Ted Cruz says Facebook shut down Chick-Fil-A appreciation page. Facebook also restored it.
Gun vloggers are flipping out at YouTube’s crackdown on their videos
Alcohol advertisers are fleeing the Twitter nest
How merchants use Facebook to flood Amazon with fake reviews
Alphabet Earnings: Signs of Weakness, but at Least It’s Not Facebook
Twitter Earnings: The Focus Is Back on the Numbers
Facebook’s hidden data haul troubles German cartel regulator
YouTube Still Has A Problem; ANA Resists US Privacy Legislation
YouTube Nibiru ‘fear porn’ industry’s doomsday profits exposed
Father of three-year-old boy who drowned reveals social media attacks after false claims his son was left unattended

Alt Energy Watch

Carbon capture could be a financial opportunity for US biofuels
5 Software Startups Solving the Biggest Challenges in Solar
Florida allows Sunrun solar power leases despite 3rd-party ban
Pennsylvania PUC clarifies solar credit provisions under Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act
Saudi Arabia Pushes to Use Solar Power for Desalination Plants
Audi tops podium with joint development of biofuel that produces less CO2.
Road to nowhere: Paris’s electric bikes are off the grid and running out of power
US Military Champions Alternative Energy
Agritourism commission releases conceptual recommendations for solar panels
Suntech confirms module supply to India’s first solar-wind hybrid project
How the Growth of Solar Energy Will Boost Silver Demand
Government wants to build massive wind energy park
In killer year for wind, Wyoming lags behind
Offshore wind energy right for Connecticut
Belgium to double offshore wind energy capacity as it exits nuclear power

Drone Watch

Facebook wants to test experimental Internet drones in New Mexico
DJI doesn’t harvest drone users’ data without their consent, per independent study
From drones to the more conventional, recent weapon developments should alarm us all
“Not trying to be the drone police”: Colorado towns writing UAV rules strive to balance privacy, freedom
Drones are helping to map Greenland’s melting glaciers

Alternative Car Watch

UK, Michigan to collaborate on self-driving car rules
The e-tron quattro SUV will open Audi’s electric car floodgates
Infiniti confirms new electric vehicle platform based on the Q Inspiration concept car
Will self-driving cars accelerate development?
Electric Car Startup Byton in Talks to Raise Over $400 Million

Alternative Farming Watch

Hydroponic Systems at Virginia Tech’s Owen Food Court Make Year-Round Produce Possible
Managed well, cattle feedlots can be the environmental and ethical smart choice
Aeroponics Are the Future for One Austin Urban Farm


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