Tech & Science Ticker – April 19th, 2018

Manufacturing Watch
3D printing is changing the world and North Carolina is a part of it
Researchers Successfully Using 3D Printing to Study Complex Animal Behaviors
New 3D printing materials from BASF and Essentium Materials
China Announces New Rules For Foreign Car Manufacturers. Is That Good News For Tesla?
Australian Researchers Using Bioengineering and 3D Printing to Design Better Replacement Bone Ligament Constructs
3D Printing Watertight Containers
Metal Additive Manufacturing Gains Significant Ground
EFI helps customers achieve unparalleled colour results with new Reggiani textile printer
Tech and Science Watch
Fortnite’s Has More Falling Meteors Now And It’s Freaking Players Out
Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough: 3D Object Recognition using General-AI, from any Direction, Is Here
Astronomers are looking for the Sun’s long-lost twins by checking the ‘DNA’ of stars
Blockchain Watch
Mesh Networking, AI, and Blockchain Combine to Enable Global Digital Inclusion
Why You Should Invest in AirPod Tokens in Such Times of Uncertainty
Santander takes on fintech with blockchain payments service
Chinese Police Bust Alleged $13 Million Blockchain Pyramid Scheme
Homelend ICO (HMD Token): Blockchain Mortgage Crowdfunding?
AI and Robot Watch
Machine Learning’s ‘Amazing’ Ability to Predict Chaos
AI, Machine Learning and Alexa Can Now Analyze Call of Duty Plays to Make You Better
Stripe’s AI fraud detector is crazy smart
Mark Zuckerberg Is Certain AI Can Fix Facebook. Here’s How He Knows
Social humanoid robot Sophia expresses admiration for Liverpool star Mohamed Salah
Regulate artificial intelligence to avert cyber arms race
Cryptocurrency Watch
Kraken CEO: Crypto Exchange Won’t Answer New York AG’s Inquiry
A minor cryptocurrency partners with a major porn network. What could go wrong?
Banks and the Crypto Industry: Asia
A new startup is disrupting the piggy bank with a cryptocurrency wallet for kids
Brazil’s Biggest Investment Firm To Launch OTC Crypto Exchange, Local Sources Say
US cryptocurrency project gets $133 million investment from big investors
With This Cryptocurrency, Everyone Gets Paid
IMF chief speaks out on digital currencies
SEC issues subpoena to cryptocurrency company Riot Blockchain
Cambridge Analytica planned to launch a cryptocurrency for selling personal data
Why Did Bitcoin Whales Sell $100M of Crypto?
Bitcoin declared Halal by Islamic Scholar
The Importance of Governance: Analyzing the Aftermath of the Monero Hard Fork
Why Monero (XMR) should be Preferred over Bitcoin (BTC)
Monero Executes Hard Fork for Blocking the Big Miners
Electronics Watch
Smart ink adds new dimensions to 3-D printing
Could BioSig Play a Vital Role in the Bioelectronics Market?
Cambium Networks to Accelerate Demand Responsiveness with Zyom
Zap! Laser tattoos could create electronics to eat or wear
‘Water-in-salt’ electrolyte yields stable cathode for lithium-air battery operations
When superconductivity disappears in the core of a quantum tube
Don’t Know What to Wear? There’s a Robot for That
Nanotech Watch
Salt boosts creation of 2-D materials: Rice University scientists show how salt lowers reaction temperatures to make …
Nanoparticles Grow Bone, Cartilage Tissue Without Harmful Side Effects
Graphene is Grown With the Same Band Gap as Silicon
Graphene-based skin patch measures glucose levels
Nanoparticles shown to be effective in treating NSCLC
Web Networking Watch
A Spooky Quantum Experiment Creates What May Be the Most Entangled Controllable Device Yet
How to update your router’s firmware and improve its security
Comcast’s latest thing: Helping Victor’s wireless rodent traps send kill alerts
China backlash could unravel 5G network effect
Why you should know more about this mobile mesh network that aims to bridge the digital divide
Army-funded researchers uncover particles that could be building blocks in quantum computers
Australian ministers to meet with Google, Apple in the name of cybersecurity
How quantum computing could wreak havoc on cryptocurrency
Peer to Peer Watch
Indiana-based mobile fundraiser OneCause acquires Austin’s Great Feats
Lakewood targets opioid epidemic with innovative pilot program Project SOAR
Mid-sized P2P platforms taking bigger market share
Crowdfunding platform hits £1 million in a day
Can Blockchain Solve Advertising’s Supply Chain Transparency Issues?
Social Media Watch
Facebook to Follow Privacy Rules in Europe, Then Everywhere Else
Facebook is testing a way to let people watch video premieres in Facebook Live
Tens of thousands of Facebook accounts compromised in days by malware
How to see all the Facebook friend requests you’ve ever sent – and find out who blanked you
Facebook is offering facial recognition again in Europe
Verge coin’s own Twitter account is not verified but its imposter’s is
YouTube TV adds its first digital-only networks with launch of two channels from Cheddar
Right-Wing Commentators Say YouTube Is Censoring Them, So They’re Starting to Move To Other Video Platforms
Actor Briefly Speaks Truth at Social Media Awards Show, Gets Dragged Offstage
YouTube CEO addresses demonetization, ignores frustrated small creators
Alt Energy Watch
Walmart says its doubling its use of US wind & solar energy
Solar Power Output Surges as Temperatures Climb Across Europe
Renewable biofuels plant to be built in Lakeview
Dunedin’s Ed Sheeran mural creator heading off-grid after newfound success
35-turbine wind farm gets backing from Iowa zoning board despite opposition
Humber ‘envy of world’ for offshore wind energy
In Sweden, wind farms and warplanes battle for airspace
Increased understanding of loads endured by the WaveRoller solution finds scope for optimization.
Report says Ohio Counties Are Losing Billions When Wind Energy Is Blocked
Perovskite is More Efficient Than Silicon in Solar Tech, But One Problem Remains
Drone Watch
University lab to test autonomous roofing drones
Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt says Silicon Valley will need ‘AI principles’ before working with US military
Roomba Inventor On Turning Star Wars Inspiration Into One Of The Most Innovating Drone Companies
The Sky’s the Limit With Drones for Mineral Exploration
Drones Discover ‘New’ Ancient Nazca Lines
Your next pilot could be drone software
It could mean wars will be less about fighting, and more extermination.
Next generation drones aim to reduce offshore inspection costs
Lawmakers eye additional restrictions on use of drones
Latest Iranian-made drone incident in Yemen may disrupt UN peace plan
Trump to ease restrictions on sales of US arms, military drones
Drones Whip Through The Sky In Light City’s 2nd Drone Prix
Alternative Car Watch
Tesla is most trusted brand in consumers poll for self-driving cars
Regulating Self-Driving Cars Like Pharmaceuticals Is a Really Stupid Idea
6 surprising ways driverless cars will change our world
Electric cars about to become ‘the new normal’ in Ireland
Germans love their cars. They also love the environment. A diesel ban is forcing them to choose.
China to ease foreign automaker rules—with preference for electric cars
Connecticut May Be The Next State to Allow Self-Driving Car Tests
VW vows to build massive electric car charging network across US
How Volocopter’s ‘flying taxi’ stations will use an elaborate system of conveyor belts and lifts to handle 10000 …
China’s electric car boom recharges BHP nickel business
Is Nissan’s new Leaf a turning point in Ireland’s electric car journey?
Incredible flying car concept set to revolutionise travel
Alternative Farming Watch
New Research on Global Smart Greenhouse Irrigation System Market 2018-2023: Studied in Detail by Focusing on top …
Scotts Miracle-Gro to acquire hydroponics supplier Sunlight Supply
Canada’s McCain Foods Bets On Vertical Farming
Aquaponics farming on tap for Draffenville
Whitefish’s greenhouse project blossoms into ‘net-zero’ center
Pittsburgh Farmer Takes the Highway to Hydroponics
Agriscience adventure: RBHS gets hands on in aquaponics center


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