Tesla’s Powerwall Cheapens Cost of Going Off-Grid with Home

Tesla’s Powerwall might just be a viable source to cheaply and effectively store power from solar panels and allow you to quckly convert to that power during times of need.  The wall is billed as a cheap way to move your home off the grid, but it can also be an excellent backup source of power in SHTF situations.

This Sustainable Product From Tesla Will Take Your Home Off The Grid

The Powerwall wall-mounted battery can be used to run home electronics and, if used in conjunction with a solar panel system, can provide back-up power with split-second sensitivity to prevent outage for as long as week. At $5,500, the Powerwall is an investment that could lower homeowners’ bills in the long run while cutting down on nonrenewable power use.

Tesla plans to follow the Powerwall with the release of their Solar Roof, which is expected to have a sleek, subtle appearance designed to blend into traditional homes’ roofs. Looking to add more affordable renewable power to your home? There are inexpensive ways to make your home more sustainable. It’s a good year for environmental innovation, and Tesla’s leading the way.

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