Texas Church Shooter Got Guns Because Government Failed to Block Him

Despite having laws already in place that would have prevented the Texas Church Shooter from purchasing guns, the government apparently failed to actually follow their own rules.  The Air Force was really the critical fail occurred, as they failed to report the shooter’s criminal record and nature of discharge to the FBI.

From The Truth About Guns

It was reported earlier today that Devin Kelley, the Texas Church murderer, had purchased four firearms over the last two years. At least one of them (and probably all four) was purchased from a federal firearms licensed dealer, Academy Sports. It’s easy enough to lie on a form 4473. Applicants no doubt do it every day. The question was, how did he pass the FBI’s background check? Well now we know.

From nypost.com:

The Air Force failed to enter the Texas church shooter’s info about his domestic violence conviction into the federal background check system — allowing for him to purchase the weapon he used to slaughter 26 people on Sunday, a militaryspokesman says.

Devin P. Kelley, a former airman, was convicted of domestic assault on his wife and child in 2012 and then confined for 12 months and discharged for bad conduct two years later. But for some reason, nobody chose to let the government know about his criminal past.

Some reason? Let’s see, we can think of a few. Rank stupidity. Bureaucratic indifference. Organizational negligence. Legendary military efficiency.

“The Air Force has launched a review of how the service handled the criminal records of former Airman Devin P. Kelley following his 2012 domestic violence conviction,” the Air Force said. “Federal law prohibited him from buying or possessing firearms after this conviction.”

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