The Texas Church Shooting, What Is Known, and What I Think

From different parts of the web, here is what the ‘media’ is reporting, so far, about the Texas Church Shooting.  At the end, is a video of my reaction to the shooting and what it tells us about the stat of affairs in America today.


From Washington Post, we get information about what happened just before the shooting:

The massacre here that killed more than two dozen people — the youngest of them just 18 months old — occurred amid an ongoing “domestic situation” involving the gunman and his relatives, at least one of whom had attended the church, law enforcement officials said Monday.

While authorities have not publicly identified a motive for the attack, they emphasized that the shooting did not appear to be fueled by racial or religious issues, as has been the case involving other rampages at houses of worship. Instead, they said the gunman had sent “threatening texts” to his mother-in-law as part of this ongoing dispute.

“This was not racially motivated, it wasn’t over religious beliefs,” Freeman Martin, a regional director with the Texas Department of Public Safety, said at a news briefing. “There was a domestic situation going on within the family and the in-laws.”

While the gunman’s mother-in-law had attended the church, she was not there Sunday when the shooting occurred, officials said.

From CBS News, here is what we know about the shooter so far:

Kelley has a residence in New Braunfels, Texas, which is about a 35 mile drive from where the attack took place in Sutherland Springs. CBS affiliate KENSreports he graduated in 2009 from New Braunfels High School. Public records cited by the San Antonio Express-News show Kelley, then 20, married in 2011 and was divorced the next year.

In 2014, Kelley, then 23, married again, the paper reports. The sheriff confirmed that Kelley’s former in-laws and ex-wife attended the First Baptist Church from time to time, although they were not present during the attack.

A law enforcement source told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that Kelley did some work as a bible teacher, but it’s not known what church he worked at or whether he worked at the Sutherland Springs church.

Officials say Kelley did not have a license to carry firearms. He purchased four weapons in total, in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 –two were bought in Colorado, two in Texas, ATF officials said. Three weapons were recovered  at the scene — a Ruger 556 rifle found at the church, and two handguns, a Glock 9mm and a Ruger 22, found in his car, according to Fred Milanowski, special agent in charge of the ATF Houston.

Martin said Kelley was seen before the shooting at a Valero gas station across the street from the church, and was “obviously suspicious to others” because he was wearing a black mask with a skull on it.  He was wearing all black and a ballistic vest with a plate on the front, Martin said.

More details”

He was a US Air Force Veteran who had been court martialed in 2012 for two counts of assault on his then-wife and also on his child.  He was discharged under ‘bad conduct’ after serving a 12-month sentence.

He was terminated as a security guard recently after only working for five and a half weeks this past June and July.

Three years ago, he was under investigation for allegations of abuse, this time against his then-girlfriend.  The incident happened February 1st, 2014.  No arrests were made.

He ran a billing software company out of his home called Dilloware, Inc.

Here is the official timeline:

Whatever the final facts emerge about who this guy was, what his motivations were, what guns he had, what guns he should have had, the calls for gun confiscation and gun bans not more than a few hours after this shooting reveals a chilling reality in America, that the state is far too intrusive in our lives, and that, because of its power, people are compelled, people who would rather give the family and friends time to bury their dead the peace they need, are compelled to combat the anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-gun narrative being pushed by the gun grabbers, especially when those voices are congressmembers and senators with real power.

Here is what I had to say about this shooting on the day it happened:


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