Thanks to Deepfakes, Nicholas Cage is Now Starring in EVERY Movie, and It’s AWESOME

Ok, so the headline reads that people are using technology to put Nicholas Cage into every movie and it’s terrifying.  That’s a bald-faced lie.   It’s not terrifying.  It’s freaking awesome.

People are using technology to put Nicolas Cage into every movie, and it’s terrifying

Not going to lie, this is nightmare fuel…

Okay, not every movie. That’s probably impossible. But hey, meme culture can do just about anything when people set their inventive minds to it.

Speaking of, there’s a terrifying new game in town, as popularised by those who inhabit Deepfakes, a subreddit where people paste famous people’s faces onto porn actors, presumably purely for scientific breakthrough purposes and nothing else.

In December, for instance, someone used a machine-learning algorithm to paste Gal Gadot’s face onto a porn video, raising a lot of highly uncomfortable questions in the process.

Legendary Hollywood madman Nicolas Cage makes for a – slightly – more wholesome repurposing.

The Outline notes that many people are now taking his distinctive face and putting it into more household-appropriate fare.

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