The Facebookification of Your Brain

It’s time to rethink our friendships at 2:00…

Social media and our mobile devices have redefined the way we connect and communicate with each other. And though we have more “friends” than ever, we’re actually becoming lonelier.

Used with permission from Shimi Cohen. Learn more at

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  1. We should treat social media just like anything we allow in our lives,

    Take time out for tangible things.
    Make a difference in another person's life.

    And keep the love of YESHUA HAMASHIA
    in ur heart and soul.

  2. Facebook is good and bad i post something and them thinking it's about them some of them sending me negative stuff on my timeline that show you how some people thinking I'm very silent when it comes to negative people i chose not to be part of anyone's parade i know myself i know who i am i am not rude or disrespectful i interact with people who don't judge and tear others down people who are negative towards others have issues within themselves i choose to stay silent and ignore sometimes you have to be the bigger one and walk away from it all. in the end it will do you some good.

  3. Great point. Self esteem and self worth is at stake. It is great sometimes to be alone and find oneself. Not the pretentious made up part. Find the unapologetic you. Get quiet, Be alone, and find yourself. Loneliness is a time for self and discovery of it. Get lonely and be ok with it.

  4. i hate taking selfies and one time my friend opened snapchat…(ig that was the app..) and she just got the screen in front of me and said look!!
    and when i looled at it i literally jumped out of my seat and started acting as a surprised cat…well how should i explain the position that i took…and then she told me she was just using some eye enlargement filter ;-;
    and i was like wtf man..that scared the hell outta eyes were lookin like ….uh…really that was scary

  5. I left FB 2 years ago and never looked back. I urge you to do the same and live in the real world not a fantasy one. If you want to converse with a friend call them. A good conversation is much more rewarding than a like or a short comment.

  6. "What should be conversed about, their daily life? Or constructive developments? – For them? Ah. . . you little. We are all f*acked aren't we. . ." "bididido dididi be"?" who, is more irratating than "me"?" "Leave a like and pleasing comment below." Ignore or be un-friended."

  7. WHY should your life have a purpose? The only reason you're alive IS to experience this reality. ALL of society will tell you what you are, or what you should become.
    IGNORE society.
    Just live.
    Do what you want.
    Anything beyond that, and you are a victim of that society's system.

  8. The attention economy seems to take advantage of (and reinforcing) our social conditioning to be hyper-connected and distracted thus unable to maintain coherent trains of thought long enough to be choosy about how we use technology. I think that's the root cause of ADD.

  9. I don't have face book I did have for a week way back in 2007 and it was when I got poked and suggested for I realised I'm never going to be the pathetically led that depends on others. fact is the sheep are following while the wolves lick the bones and too many sheep in this world and you wonder why you think a holiday will solve your problems? you created your problem so change the creation.

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