The future is now: Russian military unveils next-generation combat suit
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A major hi-tech Russian military research center has unveiled what appears to be a prototype of a next-generation combat suit. The stunning gear, resembling Star Wars outfits, will be worn by Russian soldiers on future battlefields.


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    1. Realize this guys. Maybe to intimidate America, pathetic attempt. Looking st that gear, probably every county had that technology. It's most likely an attempt to show that hey have futuristic technology but the price of that thing is probably insanely high. Just saying I'm pretty sure every country has gear like that but doesn't deploy it because of the cost. Just an fyi

    2. Холопам на Росії сподобається, коли вєжлівієчєлавєчкі прийдуть їх товкти у новому гарному обмундируванні. х_йло думає про роССкіх, обновки для них постійно готує.

      ЯПонуті обмироточаться від радості. Всім недороССкам, які не розуміють людську мову наказую кукурікнути півнячим язьіком. Бігом холопи.

    3. If we want Russia to cover you with atomic fire, because we have the largest stock of nuclear weapons and the most powerful unparalleled in the world and yours about you will not help

    4. You guys are crazy out of your mind. Sayin the America will fall apart or some shit.

      Like damn, you all sound so stupid if you actually believe this country is 'falling'. So just stfu and move on with your life because 50 years from now, America will still be here.

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