The Heuristics-as-Weapon Problem

A friend of mine named Lazlo Star shared this screenshot of a comment on Facebook, along with his own comment. It triggered my response below the image regarding the pitfalls of heuristic-type ‘learning.’
Here is Lazlo’s comment:
“This is something I don’t understand when people say it. Since when do religious people “hold humanity back?” Are they running around destroying new gadgets or something? I’m not even religious & I can’t stand seeing this stuff. Plus, I think it might imply genocide. Talk about holding humanity back.. if we’re talking about the evolution of the mind, that violent tribalist BS certainly isn’t it.”

The human tendency to turn the anecdotal and/or vague remembrances of claims made by vague faces into absolute certain truth has been a useful evolutionary tool in passing on verbal knowledge out in the veld, and it continues to offer some heuristic-type problem-solving benefits, but its unconscious preeminence in our far-reaching assumptions about the nature and reality of incredibly complex and nuanced spheres of understanding (like understanding the overall effects so-called religious people have had on this metaphorical train) is pretty frustrating to me.
It’s gotta be near the top as far as factors that impede consensual emergence (which requires dialogue, understanding, empathy, diminished sense of negative otherness, etc) versus coercive emergence.