The Need to Be Part of the Noble Class Before You Can Fully Demonize Your Opposition

If your ideology creates a special class of unreedemables that perpetually owe you, the ‘unreedamables’ have every reason to pretty much want to destroy you.
After all, you want to build a world in which they can never be happy, they can never be judged on the merit of their own actions, they can never be part of any civil conversation, they can never be part of the decision-making process in your racist, bigoted world.
Why would they do anything other than destroy you?
Think about it.
You know who you are. 
You walk under many banners. You target different groups for unreedeemability. But underneath, the same pathetic inferiority complex lies in all of you, driven to hate others because you hate yourself, and the only way you can love yourself is to believe you’re part of the noble class, and you’re fighting bravely against the hateful unreedemables, when, the whole time, the real bigots, the real racists, the real tyrants, the real marxists, the real nazis, are you….and it always has been……
You can’t face the truth of the pathetic, weak nature of your own slave-mind self, so you rush to the hateful, lying propaganda of your fellow weak slave-minds because it makes your violence, your untrustworthiness, your worthlessness to ‘civil’ society a noble sacrifice (which is a lie, you’re not fighting bigotry or commies, you’re fighting your own pathetic weaknesses, weaknesses your slave-minds can’t face).
It is the slave-minds among us that feed this hate, this propaganda. They perpetuate, almost always, the very ‘hate’ and ‘tyranny’ they allege to be combating. 
The ones who rage the most are the only ones leading this charge into hate, and, by my reckoning, the lion’s share of ACTUAL unreedemables in this land today