The Unintended Broadlash of Blackface Backash

As the first ripple of Blakface Lash tricked out of Virginia, little did anyone realize how far it would spread, and what it would show us about the state of rage in the business of getting clicks.

Blackface frenzy making clowns of everybody | Commentary  Orlando Sentinel



It’s also been quite entertaining watching political correctness collapse in on itself. It’s hard to take this stuff seriously when Mary Poppins is now considered a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

So are Jimmy Kimmel, Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr., Joy Behar, Jimmy Fallon, Ted Danson and Joni Mitchell. All have donned blackface, though apparently none were members of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s graduating class at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Well, maybe Behar was but she dressed in a Klan outfit in the yearbook so it’s hard to tell.

The exhumation of 35-year-old yearbook photos last week cued up the usual P.C. choreography.

The way it works is somebody of note does something offensive. The Twitter mob pounces. Cable networks make it “Breaking News!!!”

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