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Ah, that’s my order. What are you having for breakfast?

It’s May 1st, 2019.  This is PG Gordy.  You go on and eat your breakfast, You eat, I’ll talk.  I’ll give you the what’s what for today here on PGNewser.



The resurrgence of SMOD, Wasp Zombie Makers, Maybe Coups, and more on at


The American coup versus the Russian puppet and more on at


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The On-Again, Off-Again Coup of Venezuela- The Latest

In preparation for this show, I waited as long as I could to sit down to write about the current state of affairs with the is it or is ain’t a coup thing in Venezuela.  Here are the latest headlines I’ve culled in preparation for this story:

The latest from around the news web on the Venezuela Coup attempt

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup – CounterPunch
Venezuelan Opposition Reps Throw Temper Tantrums When Confronted About Lack of Legitimacy, Interventionist Plans at OAS – Mintpress News
Activists Have Been Living In The Venezuelan Embassy For Two Weeks – DCist
Cuban Government Rejects Coup Movement in Venezuela – Prensa Latina
Venezuela says it is confronting small group of traitors attempting coup – Reuters
Pro-Guaido bloc celebrates, encourages Venezuela coup attempt – RT
The Latest: Venezuelan govt says it is putting down coup bid – Herald-Whig
Venezuela Coup! Will Neocons (Finally) Get Their War? –

Basically, the situation is fluid, with the American guy claiming he’s winning and the Russia/China guy claiming these wanna-be coup guys ain’t crap, and they’re pretty much already done.

Perhaps tomorrow we will have a more conclusive conclusion, or another day of nah I got this, no, no, I GOT THIS! | go to source


  • US Treasury Secretary Says US-China Trade Resolution Coming Soon

    CNBC – When asked about Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s suggestion that the White House could announce an agreement with Beijing in the next two weeks, the top Trump advisor said, “I think that’s fair.”  “Someone asked me how long is the negotiation going to go on and I don’t have a specific answer to that,” he said at the Milken Institute Global Conference. “It won’t go on forever. I think at some point in any negotiation you realize: ‘OK: we’re close to getting something done so we’re going to keep going.’ On the other hand, at some point you just throw your hands up and say ‘you know this is never going to get anywhere.’ | go to sourc […]

  • US Afghan War Vet Plotted to Blow Up White Supremacist Rally in Revenge of Christchurch

    Al Jazeera – A US veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who prosecutors say plotted to detonate a bomb at a Los Angeles area rally causing mass casualties, has been taken into custody following an FBI online sting operation, federal prosecutors said on Monday.  Mark Steven Domingo, 26, a US Army infantryman who served time in Afghanistan and later converted to Islam, was taken into custody on Friday after being given what he thought was a live explosive device to use in the attack, federal prosecutors said in a written statement. | go to sourc […]




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Sweet Meteors of Death, Fecal Medicine, Bad Boy Polymers and more on at



Sweet Meteor of Death is BACK in the Running After Hard 2016 Loss

I remember in 2016 weighing my choice of red hot zillas, blue chill zillas, even some green fire zillas, when one candidate really stood out among them all.  No, it wasn’t Gary Aleppo Johnson, and no it wasn’t John Hegelen of the Natural Law Party even though I did vote for him in 2000 as a protest because the red, blue zillas subjectively sucked.

Now, I am getting somewhere very important, for that candidate was SMOD.  Say it with me, SMOD 2016.  I went full SMOD (Sweet Meteor of Death) and I don’t regret it.  Well, much like Bernie Sanders, apparently, SMOD can STILL WIN!  Tell the studio audience what I’m talking about

Mirror UK – NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has warned that a killer asteroid could smash into the Earth within our lifetime, unless we do more to protect the planet.  Speaking at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in Washington yesterday, the NASA administrator cautioned against the so-called “giggle factor” when it comes to asteroids.  “We have to make sure that people understand that this is not about Hollywood, it’s not about the movies,” Bridenstine said.  “This is about ultimately protecting the only planet we know, right now, to host life – and that is the planet Earth.” | go to source


  • New Polymer Bad Boy Breaks the Mold by Conducting, Rather than Trapping Heat

    Science Daily – Engineers have flipped the picture of the standard polymer insulator, by fabricating thin polymer films that conduct heat — an ability normally associated with metals. In experiments, they found the films, which are thinner than plastic wrap, conduct heat better than many metals, including steel and ceramic. | go to sourc […]

  • Fecal transplants may be best answer to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    Science Daily – Transplanting human donor fecal microbiota into the colon of a patient infected with Clostridiodes difficile (C. diff) may be the best treatment for those not helped by C. diff targeted antibiotics, according to an article in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.  C. diff is the most common healthcare-acquired infection in the United States. It affects nearly half a million patients each year and becomes a recurring infection for nearly a third of them. If untreated, C. diff can lead to sepsis and death. | go to sourc […]

  • Babies Get Two Paths, Fix the Wall or BE the Wall – The Life of Aphids

    Science News – Colonies of tiny Nipponaphis monzeni aphids in eastern Asia use their own young as part repair crew, part repair goo. The tiny fluffs of juvenile insects end up dying after gushing white glop from their bodies to repair a hole in the wall protecting their colony in Asian winter hazel trees. New details of this patching chemistry suggest that these doomed young aphids are a colony’s version of immune system cells, researchers report April 15 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. | go to sourc […]

  • Pole-To-Pole Survey Reveals The Oceans Teem With Viruses

    Discover Magazine – The oceans are crawling with viruses. An international team of researchers surveyed the world’s oceans from pole to pole, sampling the waters for the microorganisms and they found nearly 200,000 of them…..“This new understanding of viruses … may help scientists better understand how the oceans will behave under the pressures of climate change,” Ahmed Zayed, a graduate student in microbiology at the Ohio State University in Columbus, who authored the new research, said in a statement | go to sourc […]




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Traffiic Flow or Tariffs, No Jail for Rape, Turkey’s hunger strike problem and more on at



Mexico Tells US to Open the Northern Flow or Face Tariffs

In a new twist on the Trade War front, Mexico is hinting that it might use tariffs against the US in response to it’s claims the US actions on the border are significantly impeding northern flow, and it’s hurting everyone.

From the Mexico News Daily – The Mexican government has not ruled out imposing new trade sanctions against the U.S. in retaliation for measures that have had slowed the movement of trade goods across the border. But foreign trade undersecretary Luz María de la Mora expressed confidence such a move won’t be necessary due to the dialogue Mexico has with Washington.

Perhaps, methinks this might be bluster, but it does, nonetheless, highlight the growing tensions between the US and Mexico over border issues.  It’s also apparently some majorly debated thing in America.  I have heard the word borders more in the last year than I have in my entire existence up to that point.

More from Mexico News Daily- Truck traffic has been slowed for more than a month as the U.S. has been unable to keep up with the volume since it reassigned hundreds of border agents to handle the influx of migrants attempting to cross from Mexico.  De la Mora said there are provisions in international agreements that stipulate there should be no unnecessary measures implemented that would inhibit trade.  But “what we want is that this is resolved quickly through dialogue and we believe that can be achieved.” | go to source


  • Convicted of Raping Teen, Bus Driver Gets 10 Years Probation

    NDTV – Last Thursday, Shane Piche, a former bus driver for the school district in Watertown, N.Y., received his sentence. Two months earlier, the 26-year-old had pleaded guilty to third-degree rape. According to the Watertown Daily Times, Piche had raped a 14-year-old girl who was on his bus route.  But rather than hand Piche a prison sentence, Jefferson County Judge James McClusky gave the defendant 10 years probation, and assigned him the lowest level status on New York’s sex offender registry. The judge’s ruling goes against prosecutors’ hopes – and against the wishes of the victim’s family. | go to sourc […]

  • Over 3,000 Political Prisoners in Turkey Are Engaging in a Massive Hunger Struke

    Times of India – A Turkish human rights group says close to 3,000 prisoners have joined a hunger strike to press authorities to end the alleged isolation in jail of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan. Human Rights Association head Ozturk Turkdogan said Tuesday that 2,983 people in 90 prisons are refusing food in protest of the jail conditions for Ocalan, whose family members and lawyers reportedly have been denied visits. | go to sourc […]

  • Bitcoin SV Creator Craig Wright Swings Haymakers at Binance, Calling it a Money-Laundering Scam

    Coinspeaker – Craig Wright, has called Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, a “super bucket shop” claiming that it’s co-founder Changpeng Zhao is engaging in wash trading and money laundering and that’s how he makes money. | go to sourc […]

  • So We Are Back to Zero Discovered Moons Outside the Solar System, Science Says

    New Scientist – Evidence for what seemed to be the first moon ever discovered outside our solar system looks like it may actually just be a statistical blip……In 2017, New Scientist reported that David Kipping and Alex Teachey at Columbia University in New York had spotted a possible exomoon…..(they) switched to the Hubble Space Telescope to take another look….new analyses of the Kepler data cast questions on the conclusion. …….Hubble observations seemed to spy the signal of a Neptune-sized exomoon….But according to a new analysis by Laura Kreidberg at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts and her colleagues, that evidence isn’t so solid after all.  | go to sourc […]




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Wicked Wasps, Stolen Chicken Feet, Beer Civilization nd more on at



Wasp Masters Herd Zombie Spiders

So one day I was minding my own business and it felt a little…strange….a little strange in my web maker, so to speak, my big protruding, you know, abdomen, because I’m a spider and I spin webs and holy hell I feel odd.  I feel like wasps are really the superior insect.  I feel as if I should probably totally slave for them.

If this happened to a spider you know, maybe even love, then your spider is the victim of zombie hacking, and the culprit, if you can’t tell from the setup, is a zombie-making wasp.

Take it away, Science Daily –  Setting off a startling chain of events, a parasitoid wasp can force a spider to weave a special web to suspend the wasp pupa just before it finishes killing its spider host. William Eberhard, staff scientist emeritus at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Marcelo Gonzaga at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in Brazil have assembled wide-ranging evidence that ‘zombification’ involves hacking existing web-spinning mechanisms by hijacking the spider’s own molting hormone, ecdysone. | go to source


  • 60 Tons of Chicken Feet and Cancer Patient Scams Lands California Man in Jail

    Chron – A Baytown man is on the run after an investigation revealed he allegedly scammed a California company out of $20,000 for 60 tons of chicken feet and three elderly women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the women was a cancer patient that said she fell in love with a man online that police later confirmed was the same man. | go to sourc […]

  • Beer Was the Stuff of Life, Literally, for this Ancient Peruvian Civilization

    Discover Magazine – Five hundred years before the Incan empire reached its height in South America, a different civilization reigned: the Wari.  One of the Wari’s claims to fame is that they were early brewers of a drink called chicha…. New evidence, recently published in the journal Sustainability, suggests  this beer relative may have played a role in keeping Wari civilization together. Not only that, but researchers started to figure out their ancient beer recipe — and they’ve re-created it for us to taste. | go to sourc […]

  • If It Doesn’t Stink, You Might Be Dying

    Mirror UK – Older people with a poor sense of smell are up to 50 per cent more likely to die in the next 10 years, warns a new study….Their findings, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, show that, compared with older adults with a good sense of smell, those with poor smell were at a 46 per cent higher risk for death at 10 years and 30 per cent at 13 years. | go to sourc […]

  • Rescuing Eggs from Dead Sharks Yields Live Sharks, Hope for Endangered Species

    The Guardian – All of this work has culminated in our recent publication of a paper in the journal of Ocean and Coastal Management, detailing the project. To date, a total of 689 eggcases have been recovered from dead sharks at the market; of these, 278 have developed and hatched out successfully with 237 S. canicula and 41 S. stellarisreleased back into the wild. A further four S. stellariswere retained by the aquarium for educational display purposes. | go to sourc […]




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AOC is the star of the top zilla of the day, and it’s all about the fashy.  That and more on Polzilla at



Rightzilla – Ocasio-Cortez cuts mic on constituent challenging her ‘totally absurd, fascist’ take on free speech – Infowars

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated the old adage “actions speak louder than words” at a recent town hall when a constituent questioned the socialist’s “fascist” perspective on free speech.  Video of the sparsely attended event in Queens featured a small crowd and a line of speakers waiting to address Ocasio-Cortez, who stood on an elevated stage behind a fancy podium. One of the speakers introduced himself as James Scott Berry and described himself as a registered Republican with the life mantra “always be willing to be wrong.”  Berry posed two different questions: Whether AOC would be willing to investigation the “over 3 million incidents of violent acts and threats of violence allowed in our schools against teachers and against fellow students ever year,” and whether she’s agreed that the greatest freedom in the world is the “freedom to hate, because in many countries you cannot.”
When I highlight stories, I try to find the most salient point. I had a really hard time finding that point because, much like the leftzilla winner from yesterday, the headline did not get fulfilled by the story.  While it is true that at one point this dude’s mic was cut off, it was quickly restored and a rather lengthy discourse ensued.  The crux seems to be AOC might possibly define incitement to violence more broadly than our hero does.  I’ll leave you zillas to fight over those table scraps.

They get the win anyway, Infowars, that is, because the video hits the leftzillas with their own favorite bludgeoning tool, ‘fascist.’  But it still failed to deliver on the zilla promised. | go to source



Leftzilla – Trump admin was surveilling last year’s family separation protests, internal documents reveal – Daily Kos

Once again we have a zilla that fails to fully deliver.  The headline sounds scandalous enough, so much so that Daily Kos gets the Oppo of the day.  But, outside of the choir room, this song will sing flatter than pancakes being sucked into a black hole.  Well, I guess anything stuffed into a black hole will tend to be ultimate flatted, so to speak.

Do let me get back on point, because that’s what you pay for.  This little ditty reveals that, shock, government spies on protests, and they hire ‘private’ companies to do this work sometimes.  Still, if you’re a leftzilla, I understand why this would be like someone metaphorically spilled vegetables in your ice cream (unless you’re into that sort of thing).  Let’s let the winner, Daily Kos, shock us with their zilla.

Daily Kos – Government documents obtained by a coalition of immigrant rights group under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Trump administration was using a private cybersecurity company to monitor the hundreds of nationwide protests last year organized by Americans outraged over its family separation policy, adding to the disturbing pattern of surveillance and targeting of critics under the Trump administration.

“The documents include a list disseminated by [Homeland Security’s] Office on Intelligence and Analysis of more than 600 protests that took place in June 2018, when public horror at children being systematically ripped from their parents became widespread,” the American Immigration Council said. A firm called LookingGlass shared the information, including Facebook Event IDs and logistics such as time and location, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s investigative arm. | go to source



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