The War on Drugs is a War Against Kids Being With Parents


The Drug Crisis Is Pushing Nearly Half A Million Kids Into Foster Care

The American foster care system is in a state of crisis, strained by a massive influx of children since 2011 fueled by the opioid epidemic and general drug abuse.

Social services in almost every state across the country are experiencing increases in children needing foster care, and officials are nearing a breaking point. Officials report a roughly 45 percent spike in the number of foster children since 2011 in Maine, which had more than 1,800 kids in foster care in 2016. In North Dakota, the number of kids removed from parental custody to foster care jumped 27 percent since 2011, reports The Washington Post.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in 2015 that roughly 428,000 kids were in foster care, and note that number has likely experienced a significant increase due to skyrocketing drug abuse rates in 2016. Opioid dependence is also becoming more prevalent in newborn babies whose parents are addicts. More than 1,000 kids are born annually in Maine suffering from drug withdrawal.

“It’s heartbreaking to watch a baby go through withdrawal, and then give that baby back to Mom,” Deb McLaughlin, a foster parent to her grandchildren, told WaPo. “Because she did that to her.”

McLaughlin cares for her 3-year-old grandson and 1-year-old foster daughter after the state deemed her daughter unfit to provide for them. She used to give the baby daily shots of methadone to treat withdrawals, but the infant is progressing.

Drug addiction complicates the placement of kids in the foster system, because parents who get clean can earn the chance to win back custody in certain cases


The Drug Crisis Is Pushing Nearly Half A Million Kids Into Foster Care

A staggering 85,937 children entered foster care due to parental drug use in the U.S. in 2015, according to data collected by the government.


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