This Moment we would forget the external (for Jena)

This Moment We Would Forget the External (For Jena)

The world slid through the atmosphere that

contained you.

Thick braids of light wrapped themselves around

the black

drops of your eyes.

I held out my hand and expected a simple warmth

but found

myself receiving the sweet salt from below and above

the earthÂ’s


This was your taste. This was your scent. This was

the thought

of you in that state that starts the sea broiling with

white foam

and dark greens.

Sit below stasis where the light operates a veil that

constructs you.

Letting go, sliding out of prosaic chords that build us,

falling away.

Falling away from the quotidian and being partnered

with electrons

and protons and knowing

the inner space where you and I sleep, wrapped

inside the other, safe.

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