Tom Woods Letter- Everyone’s a Nazi Now

Tom Woods dissects the new trend of labeling anyone right of Che as being a Nazi in this open letter to the Liberty community.  I might add that within the Liberty community it seems that you are etiher a Nazi or a Commie, depending on which camp you’re talking to.


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One of my listeners — a musician with a decent following — recently wrote to tell me he was under siege for posting some libertarian videos.

People were calling him, you guessed it, a “Nazi.”

Folks in my private Facebook group are giving him advice as I type this. It’s horrifying. The guy has done nothing wrong.

But these days, everyone’s a Nazi.

Folks, this is only going to get worse. You can sign all the petitions you like. You will not hold off the hysterics. If you’re not for universal health care, you’re a Nazi. If you’re not for socialism, you’re a Nazi. If you believe in private property, you’re a Nazi.

If you’re not repeating the latest fashionable slogan, you may not necessarily be a Nazi, but you’re certainly pushing your luck.

My Tom Woods Show guest for episode 975, anarcho-capitalist architect Patrik Schumacher, has been compared to the Nazis for his opposition to urban planning — even though Hitler favored urban planning.

That musician listener of mine is a perfectly decent person — and the haters are trying to destroy him. Because he’s a “Nazi.”

Forget about the definitions of words. If those mattered, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

This is a campaign to render good folks odious in the minds of others, to make any dissident seem pretty much the same as a torch-wielding “white supremacist,” and to ruin their reputations and destroy their careers. Fine distinctions — you know, that super-tough distinction between libertarians and Nazis — are not what those waging this campaign are known for.

It’s pretty discouraging.

The best I can recommend is this: always have some kind of side hustle going on that in a pinch you could make into a full-time income.

That way, you don’t have to worry that the wrong Tweet or Facebook post puts you in the poorhouse.

I wrote a short book about how I myself make a living online, with no boss and nobody to answer to except those who enjoy my content. It’s full of ideas on how to monetize what you do online.

Costs you nothing.

Check it out.

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