Tony Shaffer on the rise in extremism on the left

Former intelligence officer weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’

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  1. It's been the adgenda from the left side all along. There have been so many examples of violence from the left that everyone has been over-looking, I am glad someone is telling it like it is. We are heading for a civil war, and it will happen sooner than everyone thinks.

  2. One good thing coming out of this crap; The classic liberal atheist and the conservative Christians have found a common enemy in the Progressive PC crowd.
    The price of a free society is that you must pit up with differing ideas. You can only win in the world of ideas with logical arguments for them. The progressive doesn't like that because it is emotionally based not logically based. So they must stop free exchange of ideas in order to control the narrative.

  3. Fox News = Iraq War cheerleaders. $6-Trillion wasted. 25k US military deaths. 1-Million civilian Iraqi murders (aka collateral damage). So sad that this is basically what Rupert Murdoch wanted.

  4. They can't call it a revolution. Revolution "from revolvere ‘roll back’"
    There is a difference between rebellion and revolution. Rebellion is essentially a declaration of war (bellum: "war")
    There is a process to revolution, an intellectual and educated understanding with a direction and solution post revolution, a rolling back to a former way. Rebellion operates on a purely emotional foundation without any solution, just the desire to overthrow or stir up dissent and discord. What they are instigating is rebellion.

  5. Islamic extremism has got hold of the left. Most of the left is Muslim and dumb college sheep.
    Republicans are the Americans. Let them kill eachother. Stand down. Don't buy into their Muslim bullshit. Defend yourself if necessary.

  6. So? The rise of extremism on the left merely balances the extremism on the right. The GOP loves guns and wants crazies to be allowed to buy them without checks. How does it feel to have Crazy staring you down from the barrel of a rifle?

    Don't complain about it. YOU WANTED IT.

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