TurkReich Propagandists Paint Turkish Muslims in Greece as Oppressed Group

Get ready to see more stories like this as the TurkReich continues to lay the seeds for a future war with Greece. The story comes to us from trtworld.com, which appears to be a pro-TurkReich site (judging by its coverage of Afrin alone).

The article bemoans the conditions of the poor embattled Turkish Muslims in Greece, setting up a future justification of war against Greece in the name of saving the poor Turkish Muslims in Greece being mistreated.

From trtworld.com

Turkish Muslims in Greece ‘treated as second-class citizens’

Turkish Muslims in Greece say their rights as a minority are being taken away by the state as elected religious leaders are no longer recognised by the government.

The selection of Muslim community leaders is one of the biggest problems for Turkish Muslims living in Greece.

At the end of World War One, part of the Ottoman Empire became Greece and under the Treaty of Lausanne, Turkish Muslims who stayed were allowed to elect their own religious leaders.

However, Turkish Muslims’ identities and rights in the region of Western Thrace are slowly being eroded. About 150,000 members of the community live in Western Thrace.

TRT World’Caitlin McGee reports from Xanthi, where community-elected religious leaders are now no longer recognised by the government.

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