TurkReich Removes Greek Flag Planted on Disputed Islet, Warning Greece to Stop Being “Provocative”

The TurkReich was not happy when the Greeks decided to plant a Greek flag on one of the disputed islets in the Aegean Sea. They removed the flag soon after it was planted and warned the Greeks not to continue making “provocative moves.”
This comes after the Turks have taken numerous provocative moves themselves, including ramming a Greek patrol boat.

From hurriyetdailynews.com

Turkey removes Greek flag planted on islet in the Aegean

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has urged the Greek government to refrain from “provocative moves” in the disputed areas of the Aegean Sea after the Turkish coast guard removed a Greek flag planted on an islet near the district of Didim, southwestern Turkey on April 15.

“There was an attempt to plant a Greek flag on an uninhabited rocky islet across from [the Turkish resort of] Didim. Our coast guard teams did what was necessary and removed the flag,” he told reporters in Istanbul on April 16.

“Our advice to Greece is to stay within the boundaries of good neighborly relations and to avoid provocations that would escalate tension. No one should think that we would give any concessions over our sovereign rights. We are determined to give necessary responses against de facto interventions,” said Yıldırım.

The prime minister also said the event of the Greek citizen trying to plant the flag was similar to events in February over the Kardak islets, in which a Turkish patrol boat rammed into a patrol boat belonging to the Greek coast guard in the Aegean Sea.

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