TurkReich Vows to Keep Syria Out of Syria, or Afrin

Turkey’s call to assure that no pro-regime group will enter Afrin underscores the true nature of the Afrin invasion.

It’s not to fight terrorists, it’s to take and keep land.  Erdogan told Turkish Media on Tuesday, February 20th, that the Turks had repelled pro-regime militia groups entering Afrin (a claim that is disputed by the Syrian Kurds, and the pro-regime forces).   He also added that pro-regime forces would never be allowed entry into Afrin, which is a part of Syria, not Turkey.

The statement confirms to many, including myself, that Erdogan is simply taking an opportunity to grab land as part of his Nazi-inspired Turkish Lebensraum (living space) strategy.  This strategy is just one of the reasons why I refer to the Erdogan regime as the TurkReich.  It’s actions in Afrin also reveal just how eerily similar to the Nazis the Erdogan government truly is.

From Hurryet Daily

Erdoğan: Pro-regime groups in Afrin issue ‘closed’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Feb. 20 said the issue of pro-regime militia in Syria’s Afrin was “closed for now.”

Earlier on Feb. 20, pro-regime groups who tried to enter Syria’s Afrin withdrew before reaching the city following a series of warning shots.

Speaking at a joint news conference alongside his Macedonian counterpart Gjorge Ivanov in the Turkish capital Ankara, Erdoğan said there was a movement towards Afrin by Shiite militias, which were interrupted after they were shelled.

“But then they were forced to go back after artillery shooting. This file is closed for now,” he said.

“Yesterday, we agreed on these issues in talks with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani. Unfortunately, you know, these kinds of terrorist organizations have [sometimes] taken the wrong steps with the decisions [they have made] on their own,” said Erdoğan.

On Feb. 20, Erdoğan spoke with Putin and Rouhani over Turkey’s ongoing operation, the fight against terrorist elements and the latest developments in Syria, particularly Afrin and Idlib.

“It is impossible to give them [any terrorist organization] a chance [in Afrin]. They would pay a heavy price for it,” he added.


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