TurkReich’s Afrin Invasion is Good for ISIS

America’s decision to not fundamentally challenge the bloodlust of the TurkReich as it prepared to invade Afrin has dire consequences.  Now that Afrin is being invaded, the once-reliable American allies in the fight against the brutal killing machine that is ISIS have been lost.

Rather than fighting ISIS, the Kurdish fighters that find themselves, once again, abandoned by an American ally they died to aid, are heading to Afrin to fight off an even more ruthless killing machine in the making, the TurkReich.

As an aside, let me say that the indifference and indecisiveness of America and Europe in confronting the rising threat of Herr Erdogan and his dreams of Ottoman glory will be remembered in the same way that we remember the coddling and enabling of the Third Reich during its rise.

I have little doubt that as Turkey gains strength, their bellicose ways will only increase, and many ethnic minorities around them will suffer the same fate that the Armenians suffered.  That blood will assuredly be on the hands of the feckless leadership of the United States and Europe.

From NYTimes

Amid Turkish Assault, Kurdish Forces Are Drawn Away From US Fight With ISIS

The United States-led campaign to hunt down the last pockets of Islamic State militants in Syria has lost its most effective fighting partner — Kurdish forces that are newly-focused on a Turkish assault — in what American military officials fear will stall a critical phase of the offensive and leave open the door for hundreds of foreign fighters to escape.
Syrian Kurds make up the backbone of a ground force of Kurdish and Arab militia that last fall routed the Islamic State from its self-proclaimed headquarters in Raqqa and chased insurgents fleeing south along the Euphrates River Valley to the Iraqi border. In recent weeks, Kurdish officials have pulled thousands of fighters and commanders from that battle and rushed them to Afrin, in Syria’s northwest, where other Kurdish militia are facing sharp attacks from Turkish troops.
That has left behind mostly Syrian Arab fighters to combat the Islamic State, also called ISIS. Arab fighters make up a majority of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, or S.D.F., which would be greatly diminished without the Kurds’ military organization and logistical prowess.
In congressional testimony on Tuesday, Gen. Joseph L. Votel, head of United States Central Command, described the S.D.F. as “the most effective force on the ground in Syria against ISIS.”

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