Turn Your Phone into a Mesh Network Walkie Talkie with the goTenna Mesh

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goTenna Mesh review: Private networks for going off the grid or during outages

…..If you packed a goTenna Mesh as part of your camping gear, the situation could be much different. The goTenna Mesh is a stick-like device designed to create a mesh network which allows for 1-to-1 communication between phones. In short, it takes your phones and turns them into an almost walkie-talkie like experience that also allows for messaging and location data. But that’s selling it short.

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, goTenna Mesh lets you share GPS coordinates and use an offline map. Moreover, the mesh aspect means that the connection and network itself get better when more uses are added. And, thanks to automatic channel and interference management, you don’t have to worry about switching channels or picking up junk over the airwaves.

Each goTenna Mesh is about four inches tall and is comprised of anodized aluminum and a protective, weather-proof coating. An adjustable silicone strap (four color options) lets you attach it easily to a backpack or, say, to the top of a canopy. If you have multiple units, you can place one at a cabin, another in a tree stand, and carry one with you. The more of these you have in the area, the better your experience gets.

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