Why The US Military Made GPS Free-To-Use

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  1. So they can use the denial system they put into them? That they're supposedly now removing now they've got completion? That's what I'd imagine, it's the American way to get someone hooked on something so you've got another way to control them.

  2. Why doesn't satellite gps work outside tower range? Why can't you see satellites with telescopes? Why has there never been a single person to go to the North Pole with a compass and sexton but instead we get "gps" relaying off the vehicle they arrived on or the station nearby.

  3. 12 billion in the military is nothing. They spent over 400 billion alone on a failed fighter jet. They could have bought every homeless person in America a 600,000 dollar home with those 400 BILLION. There is enough money to end major world crisis but they decide war is more important. don't be fooled by 'free GPS'.

  4. I have to say it, your orbital velocity was out by 2, unless I've made a mistake myself. I used v^2=GM(2/r-q/a) that's one of the eliptical orbit ones, anywho numbers provided may have caused discrepancy :p

  5. Didn't thought I would ever say this, but thanks for the Simscale advise, I will have a look at it.

    Also, have you tried both ANSYS and Simscale? If so, which would you choose for structural analysis?

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