US Navy Jets Find Their Signals Jammed By China Over South China Sea


China Jammed US Navy Jet’s Equipment as It Patrolled South China Sea

When the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier cruised through the South China Sea last week, one US Navy pilot encountered Chinese jamming technology interfering with his plane’s equipment, according to a report.

“The mere fact that some of your equipment is not working is already an indication that someone is trying to jam you,” an EA-18G Growler pilot told GMA News on April 14, adding that “we have an answer to that.” The Growler is a carrier-based, electronic warfare variant of the F/A-18 Super Hornet.

According to Omar Lamrani, a defense analyst at consulting company Stratfor, however, “this is not something that the US will look kindly on,” Business Insider reported Wednesday. While the manned Growler plane is unlikely to be significantly impacted by jammers, Lamrani said, drones are more susceptible to electronic jamming threats.

On April 9, the Wall Street Journal reported that new military jammers had been deployed at Chinese outposts in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, citing US intelligence sources. The jammers are capable of interfering with enemy communications systems, the newspaper reported.

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Editor’s note:  Sputnik News is, in part, (allegedly) funded by the Kremlin.  Unlike much of mainstream American media, that derives its support from state interests indirectly, Russian media such as Sputnik news (like the British BBC), seems to derive its support from the state directly.

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