US Nuke Upgrades To Cost $1.5 Trillion

US Nuke Upgrades To Cost 1.5 TrillionThere’s a big fat bill that will have to be paid by all Americans, whether they want to pay it or not.  That bill amounts to around $1.5 trillion, and it will need to be paid to upgrade America’s nuclear weapons arsenal and infrastructure.  So, reach down deep, kids, and pay, and keep paying because it’s gonna take 30 years to get the job done right, just in time for the next round of ‘upgrades.’

From The Mind Unleashed

An apparently widely-missed, yet phenomenally relevant, report divulges the planned 30-year revamping and modernization of aging U.S. nuclear weapons infrastructure won’t cost the incomprehensible trillion dollars officials first calculated — but one-and-a-half times the original figure — an astounding $1.5 trillion when complete.

That’s $1,500,000,000,000 — a dollar amount that, in print, is lengthier than most words in the English language — all of it, from your pockets to the manufacturers and designers of nuclear bombs, missiles, and other untenable products capable of erasing humanity, courtesy of the U.S. government.

But, even then, this knee-buckling estimation spread over thirty years ostensively relies on the State sticking to a budget, a time frame, and myriad other limits government simply isn’t known for upholding — not to mention, the massive and increasingly vocal swaths of the planet calling for complete abolishment of nuclear weapons.

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