When the right and left converge

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  1. It's good you decided to make a video to nip this in the bud. What they did at the play wasn't wrong in my mind, because they protested and quickly left. But it could lead to worse behavior, so again, I'm glad you made this preemptive video.

  2. Look at these dysgenic, ugly faggots with (prop) trump hats. They'll attempt to co-opt real alternative politics with their watered-down wannabe agenda. Inevitably, they'll change nothing and eventually be overtaken by the people with real ideas.

  3. They would have done the same thing to the obama play if internet has evolved that far no one knew About obamas Cesar play because they did want to hurt obama as the new real media has confirmed as well as the protester at the Trump Cesar play also confirmed.

  4. People, let's see where everyone stands. Describe what a right wing government might look like and then describe a right wing party in Canada or the United States.
    There aren't any.
    Most think the Nazis are fucking right wing when infact they are far left as well.
    Think of this as more of a quadrant. Rather than a dichotomy.

  5. What you are doing is called relativism. America became great because it was a European nation and had in the past a strong ethic core based on the historic values of Europe. With the brazilification of the United states and the cultural war against our values the decline began. Compared to today the United states were a ultra nationalistic as well as right leaning country. And thats the reason why the country was successful. If you refuse to understand that a cultural war imposed on us has nothing to do with battle of ideas. It is a war already started against the people. What you are doing is to keep people in a land to nowhere.its literally to disarming them against an enemy. You attack the people who defend themselves against the attackers just to complain that the attackers still attack. This makes no sense at all. You are stuck in the middle of intellectual lala land.

  6. What. the. Heck. We never agreed on anything. That's why we need a Constitution. But we are Americans, darn it. Our big ole' dysfunction is what makes us Great. Miss you guys, you fascist, commie lugs, ya. <3

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