White Supremecists Who Get Bad DNA Results Uncover Flaw in Test

White Supremacists apparently are very fond of those DNA tests that trace back your ancestry.  As you can imagine, they are anxious to show off their white racial purity.  Well, as you can also imagine, it turns out many of them are not as “pure” as they thought they were.

In an effort to try to discredit the DNA tests, the white supremacists who discovered that they’re not so white may have actually stumbled upon a problem in the DNA testing and it has to do with percentages.  Wow, racism advances science.  But hey, they’re still racists and I still don’t like them.  FACT.

From technologyreview.com

….The companies that perform the tests, like 23andMe and Ancestry.com, strive to put numbers to the genetic variants they detect. So you might receive, as one prominent white supremacist did, a test claiming that your genes are 86 percent European and 14 percent sub-Saharan African.

As the Stat piece says, testing companies do a lot of work to try to validate these numbers—but they’re incredibly hard to pin down. People move around a lot, and our ideas about what constitutes a genetic group by geography are, as a result, pretty fuzzy. That may give racists some wiggle room to question results they don’t like. But it also means that any attempts to prove racial “purity” go from simply grotesque to, genetically speaking, completely absurd.


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