Wikileaks Exposes CIA Hack to Implicate Russia in Vault 8 Series Release

Wikileaks’ Vault 8 Series Exposes CIA Efforts to Blame Russians For Viruses They Created

Yesterday, November 9th, 2017, Wikileaks released it Vault 8 series, following up on the Vault 7 series, both series contain documents exposing CIA spyware and malware tactics and strategies.  In this release, documents show the strategies the CIA deploys to create viruses, using a master control called “The Hive” that then creates code within it to make it look like other source code, in this case, the code is meant to make it appear that it as a Russian hack.  In this case, the CIA wrote code “to impersonate Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company.”

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WikiLeaks has released part 1 of its new Vault 8 series following its popular and widely distributed Vault 7 series which exposed CIA spyware and malware capabilities.

The new release “will enable investigative journalists, forensic experts, and the general public to better identify and understand covert CIA infrastructure components,” the international whistleblower coalition wrote.

The CIA’s master virus control system known as “Hive” was exposed previously last April by WikiLeaks.

This latest release exposes that the CIA wrote code “to impersonate Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company.”


“If the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated,” WikiLeaks said in a statement.

In July, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered all government agencies to stop using Kaspersky-related security products and remove them from computers, citing “information security risks presented by the use of Kaspersky products on federal information systems.”

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It’s worth noting that Kaspersky was named in the infamous Trump dossier compiled by Fusion GPS under the behest of former spook Christopher Steele. The same firm that was coincidentally connected to a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who set up a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., through Rob Goldstone, a music publicist and personal friend of Trump Jr.


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