Wired Magazine Begs Gov to Control Autonomous Cars

The folks at Wired celebrate government control over their lives, at least as far as autonoous cars goes.  In an article in Wired titled “Congress Finally Tackles the Murky World of Robocar Rules,” Wired applauds the decision of a few hundred people to decide the rules and regulations as far as autonomous cars goes for 300 plus million people.  Congress apparently is set to take aim at the burgeouning industry this September, but don’t worry folks, it’s for the good of the whole, and, to be  sure, no one will personally gain from the decisions that a few hundred people will make.  No business will be protected and none will be punished.  No congressmember or family members of congressmembers will be enriched by this legislation.
Thank God for Government.  Without government, who would control our burgeoning autonomous car industry?

from wired.com
SEVEN YEARS AFTER Google started developing robocars, 14 months after a Florida man died in a Tesla Model S that was driving itself, and almost a year after self-driving Ubers started picking up passengers in Pennsylvania, Congress might actually start regulating autonomous vehicles.
Nearly everyone working on this emerging technology, from automakers to the tech companies to the government watchdogs, agrees that it’s about time. The robocars scurrying about places like Austin and Boston and San Francisco operate under a mélange of state and local rules that lay down different requirements and appease myriad special interests. And if this patchwork persists, bringing these cars to the market could be a major headache.
No longer. Maybe. In June, the Senate published bipartisan principles outlining what the legislation might look like. And on Wednesday, members of a House subcommittee unanimously approved a big autonomous vehicle package, which will make it easier for federal regulators to make all the rules. (The full House Energy and Commerce Committee wants to consider the legislation before the House’s August recess, a committee spokesperson said.) Congress, it seems, wants to shred the patchwork of rules and regulations and blanket the nation in uniform guidelines that allow the technology to develop while ensuring everyone it will be safe. But giving the feds that authority creates some problems—and raises plenty of questions.

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Congress Finally Tackles the Murky World of Robocar Rules

And things could actually go pretty well.

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