World NewsTicker – April 23rd, 2018

Top Stories

Russia and US won’t participate in World Bank’s capital increase – minister
Europe not choosing sides in US-China trade dispute
Russia to pitch first camp in Africa with military base in Somaliland
Chemical inspectors finally visit site in Syria’s Douma
Japan ambassador’s Brexit warning: there won’t be a deal better than the single market
Britain’s Prince Charles will be the next head of the Commonwealth
Erdogan Accuses US of Refusing to Sell Weapons to Ankara While Arming Kurds
Germany waiting for details on citizen’s arrest in Turkey
German parliament slams US-led strikes in Syria as illegal
Are the US and China headed for war over Taiwan?
Greece to rent French warships as Aegean dispute with Turkey worsens
Somalia warns Dubai Ports World against violating its sovereignty
US, Russia and China Respond As North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Freezes Nuclear Tests
Pakistan conspiring to break India, claims Indian home minister
Germany bans Turkish presidential campaigning
Greece and Turkey must sort out differences bilaterally, NATO chief says

Hot Spot Watch

Orthodox-run Authority Would Get Total Control Over Conversions in Israel Under New Bill
Turkey opposition OKs party switch in challenge to Erdogan
Threat against Turkey comes from strategic partners: Erdo─čan
Iraq says its strikes in Syria killed 36 IS militants
Meet the Israeli Navy’s newest purchase – the Seahawk
Turkish PM opens 2 schools in Turkey’s Aegean
Kosher Bacon Attempts to Break One of Israel’s Greatest Taboos
Turkey condemns Kabul terrorist attack
Syria and the beginning of a new Cold War
Iraq extends bid deadline for construction of Mosul oil refinery -ministry
North Carolina city bans any training with Israel police or IDF
Iran-Iraq ties impervious to ‘mischievous meddling’: Defense minister
Iraq temporarily self-sufficient in fuel for first time since fall of Saddam
Turkey, China have potential to further improve bilateral ties: Tourism minister
Israel playing on Iranian nerves

Regions of Interest Watch

The Catalan Movement After Puigdemont’s Arrest
Peace signs over South China Sea?
Catalan academic’s lawyer accuses Spain of abusing legal process
Yazidis facing forced conversion to Islam after capture of Afrin – analysis
Turkey, rebel allies have lost hundreds in Afrin fighting, Erdogan says
Somaliland Arrests a TV journalist without charge
Somalia: Somaliland President Urged to Resign On Treason Charges

War Watch

Air strikes pound insurgent enclave close to Damascus
Russia: US, South Korea must cut military activity
US ‘Acting Like Bully’ With High Tech Restrictions, China Says
Turkey noting down provocative Greek acts: EU Minister
Turkey says enemies see Greece as ‘safe haven’
Israel celebrates but is war with Iran looming?
For US and China, the real friction over Taiwan is yet to come
How Russia Cemented Its Influence Over Kurdistan’s Oil – Despite Baghdad’s Wishes
Area Syrians mixed on Assad’s alleged hand in chemical attack
No bilaterals between foreign, defence ministers of India, Pakistan
Freedom Flotilla ships to sail against Israeli blockade
US, UK must support Kurds in Syria: British politicians
Informed Pakistan about ‘surgical strikes’ before telling Indian public, claims Modi
Austria, Germany signal hostility toward Turkish politicians ahead of elections
China-Japan Reset Continues With High-Level Economic Talks
Greece must declare independence from Germany to avoid more serious problems
Wendy McElroy: Here, There Is No State

World Gov Watch

New US tariffs on steel and aluminum deform world trade
Macron’s controversial asylum bill makes headway in French parliament
UK confirms new support to World Bank after Securing Key reforms
US Takes a Stand for Life, Blocks UN’s Abortion Agenda | Opinion
IMF Executive Board Approves New Framework for Enhanced Engagement on Governance
City faces corruption crackdown as IMF investigates wealthy countries
US-China trade war to hurt global growth: EIU report
IMF, World Bank must develop strategy for enhancing public debt transparency: India
World Bank warns of exhausting Libya foreign exchange reserves


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