World NewsTicker – April 24th, 2018

Top Stories

Somaliland’s independence bid boosted by geostrategic shakeup
Turkey sends note of protest to Germany
Bomb squad investigates suspicious package at World Bank mail facility in Maryland. (SkyTrak7)
How China and the US Both Come Out Winners in Boost to World Bank
WORLD BANK: Workers should ditch minimum wage to compete with robot labor
India likely to file dispute at WTO if US rejects exemption on tariffs: Sources
Michael Bloomberg donates $4.5M to UN climate body after US cuts
Israel strikes Syrian army position after mortar shell hits Golan
Turkey seeks approval for polling stations in Germany
UN secretary general condemns deadly air strikes in Yemen
‘Cold War Is Back’ As US Trains Fighter Jets, Russia Practices Shooting Them Down in Europe
The Islamization of Turkey
Man behind Facebook data breach prepares to testify before Parliament
Tens of thousands of Hungarians rally in new protests against Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hot Spot Watch

Greece says Turkey ‘risks losing sight of Europe’
Israel accused of assassinating Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia
38 percent of children live in extreme poverty across Turkey: Research
Palestine files complaint against Israel under anti-racism treaty
Syrian army targets south Damascus insurgent enclave
Sunni and Shia struggle with Iraq’s reconciliation process
France Had Some Big Problems Firing Missiles at Syria
Wacky plan to rename South Australia
Arrested Chevron workers could face treason charge in Venezuela
Halliburton writes off investment in crisis-hit Venezuela
Cuba, Venezuela Strengthen Alliance With Nicolas Maduro’s Visit
Iraq to boost military cooperation with Czech Republic
Trump’s Newest Syria Scam: Putting ‘Arab Armies’ in Charge
Syrian Lawmaker Explains What Prompted France to Join US Strike on Syria
Europe’s pension problem spurs return of veteran investors

Regions of Interest Watch

Political overtone at Catalan celebration of patron saint
Chinese researchers carry out live-streaming of deep-sea exploration in South China Sea
South China Sea claimants vexed over Manila-Beijing exploration plan
Catalan crisis: Switzerland to offer good offices but not interfere
I am a Catalan writer and I want independence for my country
Why China should care about its image in the West
St Andrews right to defend Catalan academic

War Watch

Houthi political leader confirmed dead Monday; airstrikes kill more than 30 at Yemen wedding
Trump’s revenge: US oil floods Europe, hurting OPEC and Russia
US brands suffer collateral damage in Chinese corporate war
Russia, China to obstruct US attempt to sabotage Iran nuclear deal: TASS
Russia’s ‘keep it in the ground’ ploy to stifle American oil
China Pulls Pakistan Further into its Economic Orbit
How Russia Cemented Its Influence Over Kurdistan’s Oil – Against Baghdad’s Wishes
US, UK must support Kurds in Syria: British politicians
Chinese smartphones cited by intelligence as security risk sold on US bases
China fund managers slash ZTE valuation after US sanction
‘People will revolt’: Workers say Russia must save sanctions-hit Rusal
As Sino-US Trade Tension Simmers, Should American Tech Firms In China Worry?
G7 foreign ministers are united in opposing Russia’s ‘malign’ behavior: US official
‘China is just as important to South America as the US’: why Argentina is keen to start talks on free-trade agreement
Syrian Kurds register to set up mission in Washington

World Gov Watch

IMF: No Room for Complacency on Growth
French Parliament passes tough asylum bill
Migrants Sent Record $466 Billion Home in 2017: World Bank
Denmark strengthens the collaboration with The World Bank in order to promote digital gains for developing countries
Activist asks Parliament to zero-rate municipal water
IMF seeks to crack down on corruption, World Bank boosts lending capacity
Xi Jinping has to back up his words with actions to avoid a trade war, Canada’s ambassador to China says


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