World NewsTicker – April 25th, 2018

Top Stories

Venezuela’s Production Losses Could Accelerate as Chevron Becomes a Target
What’s Behind Turkey’s Decision to Repatriate Its Gold From US
Turkey has ‘responsibility’ to share Armenian pain over 1915: Erdoğan
Iraq plans to launch new strikes inside Syria to eliminate Baghdadi: MP
‘One of the Hardest Nights on Lesbos’: Violence Erupts Between Greeks and Refugees
China unveils monument to South China Sea island building
Germany Is Not Catalonia’s Pro-Independence
US-China trade fight reaches top American court in antitrust case
“Very good chance” of a US-China trade deal: Trump
Incoming US Pacific Command chief wants to increase presence near China
Turkey’s Erdogan will campaign in a European city for June elections
As CEOs Fight China Tariffs, Trump Hears Pleas to Add More
Denmark strengthens its ties with World Bank to promote digital development

Hot Spot Watch

American Warplanes Shift Tactics to Target Last ISIS Pockets in Eastern Syria
SDF has paused offensive ops against ISIL since Turkey’s op in Afrin started: Pentagon
Syrian government plans to retake north Homs from rebels next: minister
Twitter blocks Israeli lawmaker for wishing Palestinian protester shot
Trump calls Iran deal ‘insane’ in meeting with France’s Macron
Stymied in Syria, Turkey quietly ups actions against PKK in Iraq
How the NYT partook in the plunder of Iraq
In Iraq minefields, an old war leaves a menacing legacy
Israeli and Czech aerospace giants cooperate on new attack aircraft
Europe Faces an East-South Conflict Over Cash
Turkey tells Council of Europe to mind its own business on elections
An Australian defense official reportedly confirmed China’s desire for increased military presence the South Pacific

Regions of Interest Watch

Minor earthquake – Aegean Sea – April 24, 2018
Chomsky, 100 Academics Demand Release of Jailed Catalan Leaders
Somaliland:President meets with visiting UK Delegation
Catalonia’s crisis, Europe’s wake up call  View

War Watch

US ignored Beijing’s gains in intellectual property protection, Chinese watchdog says
Is ZTE ban the start of a tech war between China and the US?
Turkey’s oscillating allegiances with Russia and the US
The US Needs a Syria Strategy
Afrin’s Echoes: Diaspora Responses to Turkey’s Syrian Project
Russia requests participation in China-US steel and aluminum consultations — source
Scores killed in three days of Yemen airstrikes
Taiwan Caught in the Middle of the US-China Trade Tiff
China lambastes US in annual rebuttal to rights criticism
China accuses US legal system of ‘disrespect’ as it gears up antitrust fight in Supreme Court
Yemeni family ‘hopeless’ after disabled daughter denied US visa
Worrying signs China is moving backward on reforms, warns US official
US Offers To Lift Sanctions On Russia’s Rusal If Deripaska Cedes Control
India won’t soften on terror from Pakistan during Modi-Xi talks

World Gov Watch

World Bank to assist Africa to embrace green buildings to combat climate change
The state of African economies: Insights from the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings
US strike on Syria challenges entire UN system, Russian Security Council says
Kim Jong-un says he and Pompeo share ‘same kind of guts’ as details emerge of secret meetings
Ireland should put peace at the heart of its bid for a Security Council seat
Higgins addresses UN, speaks of ‘so much war’
Trump praises Kim Jong Un as ‘very honorable’
Kim Jong Un’s dinner with South Korea’s president has a special menu with hidden symbols — here’s what they all mean
UN says Canada needs more helicopters to fully meet its peacekeeping commitments in Mali
Armenian Prime Minister Resigns After Mass Protests
Security sector reform ‘core element’ of sustaining peace, say top UN officials


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