World Ticker – April 9th, 2018

Hot Spot Watch
Venezuela breaks off commercial ties with Panama, suspends Copa flights
Assad Ridicules Trump With Syria Chemical Attack as Israel Anxiously Awaits Next Moves
State department to probe visa seekers’ social media
Could America’s Big Tech Industry Create Free Speech Problems?
Does restricting juvenile offenders’ social media use step on free speech?
Regions of Interest Watch
Greece, Turkey exchange ‘war of words’ over jailed Greek soldiers
Deposed Catalan leader declares intent to return to Belgium after leaving German prison
Russia’s “Pivot to Africa”? The Strategic Implications of a Possible Russian Base in Somaliland
War Watch
Why China’s Xi ‘cannot back down’ in trade battle with US
Yemen army claims to make gains against Houthis in Taiz
‘France is abetting terrorism’ – Erdogan blasts French support for Syrian Kurds
World Gov Watch
IMF suggests Guyana should rewrite tax laws after ‘favorable’ Exxon deal
IMF raps politicians’ obsession with manufacturing jobs
United Nations ‘frozen in place’ by Russia’s veto power on Syria response
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